Oh, Tommy – you’re really mixed up!

In such a LOVELY way!

Tommy lives in Los Angeles with Mummy’s friend, Haley. We just learnt about him last year when Mummy and Haley reconnected and found out that they each have doggies! Yay!

He definitely looked like a poodle cross and was told probably crossed with a terrier of sorts. Haley decided to find out and he’s a Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Schnauzer, Pekingese and Toy Poodle Mix! Wowzer! Who would have thought?  You are one cutie mutt!

Someday, we shall meet, Tommy! Well, at least Mummy will.

Haley’s story:  “I picked him up at a foster home south of L.A. (his foster mother was “Laura” on the VIDA website). She cried when she said goodbye to Tommy, hugged him and saidHave a beautiful life, Tommy.” 🙂

I chose to adopt a dog because, at the time, I was working so hard I felt that I needed to switch up my life and put my time into something else (and I was already doing yoga, hiking, etc). Ha! I wasn’t dating anyone at the time either and coming home after work to an empty apartment was so lonely. I knew I was ready to take care of something and I was finally at a place in my life where I wanted to give my love to and help an animal that needed a home.
I was searching for poodle mix breeds and Tommy’s photo showed up – he was wearing a big green bow tied around his neck and I knew I wanted to meet him immediately!”

May’s comment:  This is a story that rings true for so many of us dog owners. These little dogs have given us so much love and companionship. They have helped to fill a void and brought out in us – emotions we never thought we had and unless you’ve had a child, you don’t understand it.  For a lot of us single women, pooches have filled a big part of that void. 

Haley and I became friends once we began working together at my last hurrah in the Corporate world. So much had happened since we both left New York at different times more than seven years ago. But our friendships remained though a little more difficult given we have different career paths (as that usually keeps a connection with something to share) and she moved back to the West Coast and I had moved to London. We had an ocean and a continent between us. Regardless, now and then we still exchanged emails.. Then one day we found out each other has a dog! And not only that but her little doggy looked a lot like a puppy Darcy.

Haley adopted Tommy from Vida, a non-profit organisation set up by a group of passionate volunteers who have been working for years to end the mistreatment and suffering of animals.  They work to protect and help dogs and cats from homelessness, neglect, abuse, cruelty, and abandonment. They provide medical care, shelter, and food, for homeless animals and sponsor spay and neuter campaigns for communities in need in the US.  They also assist other rescues in numerous cities of Mexico and provide animal welfare services for homeless dogs and cats in the streets of Mexico.  We hope they will be able to continue to do so. 🙂

Of course I was curious what he was and Haley decided to do his DNA test (Wisdom Panel) and the result came back in great detail. He definitely has toy poodle in him but he has such a combo of breeds imaginable!!!!

Loving him doesn’t depend on what breed he is but knowing his background, helps to understand more about the characteristics that are specific to the breed. For example, when I tested George and found out he has Maltese, Shih-Tzu and Yorkshire terrier in him, it explained why now and then he hobbles around. He has a luxating patella. It doesn’t hurt him, it’s just in the making of small breed dogs.  It helped me to understand why.

An informative video that tells The Story of Fido’s Physical Traits

We’ll have to catch up with Tommy soon!



  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Wow that’s some family tree you have Tommy! And you’re such a sweet boy.

  2. Laura Cordovano

    This post today made me cry. No more empty apartments after a hard days work. Gifts from heaven they are.

  3. Gillian Barrett

    What a lovely post. Wishing Haley and Tommy lots of happiness and fun!

  4. Alison Mullett

    What a cutie Tommy is, and such an interesting family tree! Whatever breed, crossbreed or mixed breeds we love them!

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