Una piccola parte di Italia a Spitalfields

A little bit of Italy in Spitalfields, East London! This was our second time at Fazenda – and one of the owners, Annarita, came to greet us as we entered this family-run Italian restaurant in Spitalfields It feels like going into someone’s kitchen – I felt so at home, I went o say hello to everyone.Not just the people but the food as well!
My! Look at that spread!

We sat at a little green table at the corner And Mummy chose to have the simplest of pasta dishes – pasta al pomodoro. And now for the big question!Cosa c’è per dolce? (What’s for dessert?)

May’s comment: We were at the 3D printing studio in Shoreditch when we walked past a rather unassuming cafe just two doors down. It looked simple and rustic. A couple of women sitting at the tables outside (having a smoke) saw us peering into the window.  “They’re very friendly in there,” they spoke to us in English with an Italian accent.  “Would you like us to ask if they are ok with dogs?”

Not only did they allow dogs in there, but Annarita, one of the owners of Fazenda, came to the door to welcome us in.So the next time we went to collect our 3D printed figurines, we made sure we had time for a quick lunch.And ever so many Italians (dressed like Italians!) came through for a bit of Italy in Spitalfields!

Fazenda is as close as you can possibly get to eating lunch in Italy but you’re in Spitalfields. Very hearty and genuine food and atmosphere, for a very reasonable price. Coffee is also strongly recommended, both to drink in, take away, or buy a bag of to take home. 13 Leyden Street, London E1 7LE

This has been added to our extensive list of dog-friendly Italian restaurants in London!


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Love the pic. of you sitting opposite mummy having a conversation Miss D!

  2. Daniel Hall

    Dear Darcy

    I don’t like to tell you this but your least favorite dog breed won the Best in Show here in New York City at the Westminster Kennel Dog Show..Yes a German Shepherd, like you a female dog. She looks to be quite friendly. If you want, you can watch her on Youtube.

    Maybe she also likes Italian restaurants.


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