OKA is A-OK!!!

OKA had recently opened on King’s Road and Mummy popped her head in and asked if they are dog-friendly. IMG_7152Yes, they said – only in the front part of the restaurant, as the kitchen is downstairs. Well, that’s fine and dandy by us!IMG_7142As Mummy was having sushi, she had chopsticks IMG_7155I was curious what was in that bottle on the table
IMG_7159Towards the end, Mummy shared the last leg of the soft-shell crab of her tiger roll
IMG_7148 Oh, yum, yumIMG_7151Even the sticks tastes good.IMG_7149May’s comment: OKA is an Asian fusion restaurant at 251 King’s Rd, Chelsea SW3 5EL.

IMG_7167A major find and a good addition for the neighbourhood. As I like going out with my dogs, I am limited to dog friendly places.  Though we have a pretty good range in our neighbourhood, we haven’t had an Asian restaurant.  Very welcomed – and good food!IMG_7144OKA serves traditional Japanese & fusion hand made sushi and hot wok dishes from all over the world. Definitely a go-to place for dinners out.


  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Looks yummy. May I think I’m gradually breaking my lovely husband down and he’s coming around to the idea of a second dog..do you have any recommendations for cockapoo rescues preferably in the south /south east of England . He says if I do the research it could be a yes from him!!!! Help me please. Xx

  2. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Thank you. X

  3. Jocelyn

    Oka is in Primrose hill too. The owner has a cockerpoo himself so he is very happy to allow dogs in his restaurants.

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