Finally we have food again

This month, Mummy miscalculated and we were without our regular Honey’s food for two days. Tsk! Tsk!  

OK, we did not starve as Mummy substituted our regular raw dinners from Honey’s with minced raw beef and pork plus the usual chopped up carrots and peas. I ate everything as I normally do, but it was rather surprising that Georgie wasn’t into it. Can you imagine that? Scavenger George turned his nose up on minced meat from the local butcher’s!!!  Is he like the reverse snob, or what?!?!?!

But the food order arrived yesterday and our freezer has been replenished.IMG_7583 George was the most delighted.IMG_7579George didn’t know Mummy had unpacked the box – so he was a little concerned what happened to all that food – IMG_7590…   one minute it was there and when he turned his back, there were none! So he got into the box – desperately looking for the missing food. Silly Georgie!

While I sat and read the annual Christmas letter from Honey’s.IMG_7586May’s comment: Oops! Mis-timed this month’s order. Too late ordering on Thursday afternoon, so no overnight delivery on Friday – which meant the whole weekend before Monday comes along and the food is dispatched.  No panic. Just substituted it but George wasn’t keen on the minced meat from the butcher’s!!!! He never turns down anything! He turned down freshly minced meat. What?!?!?! Darcy on the other hand wolfed it all down. She would eat anything.

I was adamant that I would never feed my dog wet food, never mind raw – strictly for my convenience when we travel. But too many runny tummies, was told Spaniels have very delicate tummies and Miss Da must have a lot of spaniel in her, I reluctantly switched. Well, actually I was desperate to find something that wouldn’t make her poo go all runny every few weeks and numerous trips to the vet.  After many walks in the park and discussing our dog poos with every other dog owner, we hesitatingly switched over to raw almost three years ago. Never looked back.

There are many other raw options but I like that Honey’s Real Dog Food are the only dog food producer in the country that is committed to using 100% free-range and/or organic and/or wild British meat suitable for human consumption.  They have done so for moral reasons but also for nutritional reasons. We’re happy.



  1. Mark

    Was told it was the poodle side that had the sensitive tummy. Had similar problems with Darla. Have found a food combination that works well for her, not raw but good quality natural food with no grain. As she’s got older I have found her tummy to be a bit more resilient to the cheap treats given to her by adoring neighbours.

    • Yvonne

      Hi mark
      Interested to know what you’re feeding. I’m currently raw feeding but considering changing back as I do find raw less convenient.
      A good quality alternative which won’t upset the tummy would be a godsend

      • Mark

        Mixture of wet and dry food.



        Works for me and Darla used to have a really sensitive tummy. Any cereal grain in food or even treats and we would have a really runny poo for days.

        Considered raw but have very hectic/busy weekends with lots of travelling about etc so didn’t really think it worked for us.


  2. Sarah

    I’ve still got about 4kg of Honey’s turkey mince left if you’re desperate over Christmas 🙂

  3. Dawn Walsh

    We had the same with Miss Rubys tummy……swapped to raw after ALOT of debate and we haven’t looked back (well sometimes she has off days & won’t eat, usually after she has gorged on treats…….naughty mummy). We are eagerly awaiting our Honeys Hamper today xx

    • Sarah

      You won’t regret it – it is expensive but after a few false starts and rejected flavours Merlin now eats up every scrap. And things are greatly improved at the other end – he hasn’t needed to have his glands squeezed ever since we switched to raw!

  4. Laura Cordovano

    Do they send to California?

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