Old man George and Poo Princess

We are two sickies! 🙁

No loss of appetite, no lethargy, but a lot of regurgitation and loose bowel movements – except we are both sick in different ways.

Darcy: mine comes from the behind. It happened yesterday. It was so shocking that Mummy rushed me to the vet. Judy-Ann said it could have come from picking up food, or bacteria on a chewing bone. That’s it! The night before I was visiting Jessie and had picked up one of her old bones that she never uses. I spent a lot of time on it – that’s probably the answer. I picked up the bacteria and really upset my stomach. Embarrassing though. We have left four huge light yellow puddles on the pavements as Mummy had nothing to scoop them up with. :(.

We walked away quickly hoping no one saw the crime I had committed – or rather Mummy had committed because there’s a fine for not picking up dog poo. But when we walked back the same way, some kids have accidentally stepped in it. Thank goodness it rained last night and helped to clean the pavement. And I did it again this morning. But I think I have managed to get rid of the bug. I’m much better.

George: Not me. I’m so confused and do not understand what’s going on. I’ve been coughing and sneezing, retching up saliva and froth. A lot of kitchen towels required. I was told it’s kennel cough courtesy of Jaffa. She had been coughing since Monday and by yesterday she was hardly coughing any more and I had a playdate with her. By the evening I sounded like I was choking. Mummy gave me a biscuit and I ate it so she knew it wasn’t choking or I wouldn’t have wanted it.

I probably won’t be sleeping with Mummy tonight. 🙁 I’ll have to do all my coughing and retching behind a barrier.

All the time when I was on the streets I never got ill. Now I live the life of comfort and I have never felt so sick as I do now.

May’s comment: So this is what it’s like to have kids. Both of them getting ill at the same time. George can’t go out socialising and Darcy needs to go!

But through it all, I learnt a lot.

WARNING!!! Read no further if you feel disgusted with photos of poo and retching …

This was yesterday afternoon – at the very worst. I knew something was wrong when during the morning walk, Darcy after doing a pee and a regular poo, she wanted to go home. Very unlike her. We walked on because George was not done. And then she had the first indication that something was not right. Her second discharge was half liquid. She had not had a bad tummy since she started feeding raw.

The rest of the morning she sat by my feet and was quiet. We spent the day together and on our afternoon walk was when she shot out the largest puddle of pale yellow liquid.  It happened again about 100 yards later. And again this morning.Took her to the vet and we started being conservative with Probotics and light meals. The vet thinks she had picked bacteria from chewing on an old bone at a friend’s house the night before. Just for precaution as it is the weekend coming up, we’re stocked up on antibiotics.

George’s kennel cough came from Jaffa. We thought she had already recovered but just a play date yesterday, he started coughing last night. I had heard kennel cough is very contagious but this was almost instant.  Their symptoms are very similar. The first day was constant sneezing and coughing, retching more than 50 times. Easy to think he was choking on something at first. He used to retch in the mornings if he had an empty stomach so did not think much about it. But he had retched during the night … that was the beginning.  By midday, he was constantly coughing and retching saliva and froth. And this was what I found after leaving George for 30 minutes – six retches. He must have had done about fifty and counting.Poor little guy, he sounds like an old man. He can’t lay down quietly even for a moment because he keeps coughing. He is going to be a very tired little guy tonight. And I’ll have to keep him inside a room tonight as he’ll be retching all night. As with Jaffa, it got better the next day. Let’s hope.

Note: must buy more kitchen towels!



  1. Cheryl

    Aww, I’m so sorry they are so sick! I hope they are both better soon and that Darcy doesn’t pick up the cough from George!
    You’re going to need to rest up after caring for sick pups!

  2. Rusty and Martine

    Poo no! Wish you better you two. Xxxxx

  3. Elaine Craigen

    Get well soon Darcy and George ❤️💙Lots of cuddles from mummy to make you feel better.xxx

  4. Lucca

    Sending get well licks from Lucca,
    Who is looking after me X

  5. Julie Entwistle

    Hope the little guys feel better soon. Hugs xx

  6. Cecilia Lin

    Get well soon George and Darcy, it’s not fun to be sick!

  7. Lucy Cronin

    So sorry to hear Miss Darcy $ George are feeling under the weather. Get well soon, from Luca. ❤️🐾❤️

  8. Davina Lawrence

    Get well soon Darcey and George love and licks Johnny .

  9. Nancy Koon

    I’m surprised that George hasn’t had shots for bordetella, which is what kennel cough is. Has the vet seen him? It sounds like he may have canine influenza. Poor little guy. Sure
    hope he gets better fast!

  10. Sarah

    Thanks May for the graphic details – I mean that seriously! It is such a help to know what certain doggie ailments are REALLY like. Especially kennel cough, poor George. I have often heard of this illness but until now I didn’t have a clue what it was like.

  11. Ian Harrison

    Poor poos – hope they’re both better soon. It’s awful when our poo’s are ill and can’t tell us what’s wrong.

  12. Frank Gee

    So sorry to hear about the sickness hope they are better soon. We all worry so about our dogs not being well and them not being able to tell us what’s wrong. X

  13. Julie Mcevilly

    Wishing Darcy & George a speedy recovery. Strange how they got poorly in different ways but at the same time! Hope you were able to get some sleep last night and today is a better day for you all love Julie & Bailey xx

  14. Margaret Danks

    Get well soon darling Darcy and George 🐾❤

  15. Jackie lalwani

    So distressing also for humans when they
    are ill. Wishing D & G a speedy recovery.
    Hope you are well May and coping
    being the Carer as well.

  16. Lisa King

    Have they been vaccinated for bordatella?

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