On telly!

We made it on the ITV’s The Secret World of Posh Pets tonight.

We were not the main feature – thankfully. We were only the third story in last night’s episode – it was all about me going to The House of Mutt – to lose some poundage. Really didn’t appreciate Mummy talking about my waistline and needing to go on a diet on national television.

Here’s a snippet from the show that was aired last night on ITV’s series – The Secret World of Posh Pets.

What caught Mummy’s attention of me “having fun” was footage of me rolling on the ground, running through muddy fields particularly my muddy paws. Shhhh! Sarah, that’s our secret – we don’t let on what we do while I am away at House of Mutt. LOL! That’s the life, Mummy!And then they showed us being reunited again! Happy ever after!

We might be making another appearance on the fifth episode on the 28 July where we went for agility in Luknam Park.

May’s comment: If in the UK, you can watch the programme on ITV.com

Quite relieved that we’re not the main story and LOVE that Sarah from House of Mutt said – “posh pets” are not just about being frivolous. It’s about doing what’s best for them! YES!!!  And those party cupcakes were for our grooming parties.


  1. Laura Cordovano

    I loved this! Gorgeous footage to have for your library. Xoxo

  2. Cheryl

    Lovely to see what Darcy gets up to when on her hols. x

  3. Frank Gee

    Wonderful. X

  4. Julie

    Looks like she was in her element. I am recording the series

  5. Rosie G

    My Cockapoo Arthur runs through mud and in and out of ponds and rivers every day. This is where he’s in his element and it’s really important for him. All dogs need more of that! #countrylife

  6. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Just watched this on catch up and my husband’s reaction was “I can quite see why you’re obsessed with Miss Darcy”…look forward to seeing you both again in a couple of weeks.

  7. Elizabeth Burman

    I do hope we get this series in Oz. I love the video clip, brought a tear to my eye when I saw your reunion.

  8. Jack

    I watched it looking out eagerly for you and Darcy, you were only on for two minutes! But then I realised that’s because you’re too normal and take care of your dogs too well for ITV to be interested.

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