Did you see us on telly?

As Mummy and Darcy were away, I got to watch last night’s The Secret World of Posh Pets. It was so exciting awaiting our grand reveal! I caught it live as it was being broadcast on ITV. Those of you who have got Freeview boxes for your home have access to this channel but Humax Direct boxes also come with the ITV Hub app for those who missed it and want to catch up!

Darcy was on the second episode a couple of weeks ago but we were both on last night’s episode 5! 🙂Er, Darcy, can you get out of the way? That’s better.That was my TV debut. We were not the focus of this episode but it was about the couple of days we were at Lucknam Park along with our friends Jenson and Enzo (with Sam)And the hoomans, Jacqui and Sam at their cooking class.Oh, such fab memories.

And best part of this episode – it showed goody-two shoes Darcy stealing a doggy cupcake from the table – on national TV!!!No wonder Mummy had to tell the nation that she needed to lose a few pounds. LOL!

May’s comment: Back in May we were invited to Lucknam Park for a trial run of a Dog Retreat – and it was there when they filmed the day we spent there doing agility, cooking class for dog biscuits, dog training.

If in the UK, you can watch this episode 5 on ITV Hub.



  1. Eppie Dyann Giles

    I think it would be nice to have that near us. There are not a lot of places that we can take our pups. That I know of or can find

  2. Poppy the Cavachon

    I watched the programme last night, what an amazing time you all had. I get so excited watching dogs on the TV

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