On Trial

It is Afternoon Tea Week – and Mum was looking for new places we haven’t been to yet for a cup of tea.

We were at Ruben’s on Monday, and yesterday Mum called The Belmond Cadogan Hotel and asked if we could have Afternoon Tea. They are a dog-friendly hotel and dogs are allowed in the bar area and on their terrace.

Given it was pouring with rain all day, it would have to be at the bar. But when we arrived, we were then ushered to the Lounge.

And there waiting for us was Freddie and Belinda.

It was a lovely room and the Afternoon Tea service met all expectations.

How can you not like a tea cosy, specially knitted?

Fred and I watched on as always as the hoomans consumed with exclamations of delight..

And then came the best surprise of all! Savoury egg custard with shavings of truffles!

Are you tempting us, Belinda?

Just a taste, please?

Even Little Tyke loved it. In fact, he loved it so much he had two!

After that unexpected treat, the waiter brought the much anticipated tea Adam Handling Afternoon Tea.

A tray of savouries to start with.

Can I have that sausage roll?

Little Tyke loved the savouries. He doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth – unlike Mum.

Of course there were the sandwiches – and the sweets!

And warm scones!

Which way do you have your scones? The Devonian or the Cornish method?

The Devonian (on the left) is to split the scone in two, cover each half with clotted cream and then add strawberry jam on top.

The Cornish method is the opposite. Spread each half with Strawberry jam and then topped with a spoonful of clotted cream. Mum prefers the Cornish method.

But it is much up to discussion!

Er, yes, you can debate as much as you want – we’re happy either way.


We had a lovely time, and as we were leaving, we just confirmed that this is a dog-friendly venue, as in pooches are allowed to have Afternoon Tea not just in the bar and terrace but also in the Lounge. It was only then we were informed that they were trialling it today! It was the first time they have allowed dogs in the Lounge for Afternoon Tea!!!! Oh no!!!! We didn’t know that. Fred and I hope we have been good examples. Please don’t blame us if they decide not to allow dogs there. I promise, we behaved.

Mum’s comment: Well, we had not known that we were being used to trial the concept of dogs in the Afternoon Tea Lounge at The Cadogan Hotel.

In any case, we had a most lovely afternoon tea at the lovely Belmond Cadogan Hotel. 75 Sloane St, Chelsea, London SW1X 9SG

Smallish and well behaved dogs are allowed in the Bar and Terrace. We hope they start letting well behaved dogs into the lounge as well! We are going back – so will see what will be their policy.


  1. Suzy Hudson

    I hope they allow dogs in the lounge as Mollee, Mum & I would love it!! 🐾🍰🥮☕️

  2. Susan A Cotton

    How wonderful somewhere to go for afternoon tea with Ted and friends.

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