One more sleep …

One more sleep before we’re altogether again!  Mummy and Impostor are on their way home.

They had a 24-hour stopover in Hong Kong to have dinner with friends and Mummy’s other godson, IMG_5132but Impostor stayed in the hotel. IMG_5113Then it was off to Taipei and there she was greeted by doggies at the airportIMG_5164 And on the streets …IMG_5223But Impostor did not get to go anywhere with Mummy whilst in Taipei because it rained all day and all night for the two days she was there.  When George and I go in the rain, we get wet and then we dry off but for Impostor it would be disastrous! He would become all soggy and disintegrate. That’s what happens when you’re 2D.

As for back home, I have now returned to London – to join Georgie who is at Stanley’s place.IMG_1259 Being greeted by hoomans and doggiesIMG_1255 And then a quick run around in the garden after the long drive back from House of Mutt in SuffolkIMG_1261And then settling in with Annie for the evening.IMG_1123I sit on her right, George on her left and Stanley at the end of the sofa! Bet he can’t wait for us to leave.

May’s comment:  Once I left Koh Samui and knew I am making my way back home, I just want to get on with it – after I’ve done my godmother duties! LOL!

I miss my pooches but because I know they are being well looked after and happy, it’s a little easier to miss them this way. Even then, I keep thinking about the day when I will see them again. It was actually my first trip abroad after I had Darcy was when I realised how much she had become a part of my life.

Now getting on the very long-haul flight to London – one more sleep for them, three more flights for me.


  1. Jill Keiser

    It will be nice for readers to know you are back in London with Darcy and George!

  2. Cheryl

    Safe travels! Can’t wait for the reunion pictures!

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