One step forward, two steps back

You know how hard we try to make London a more dog-friendly city by encouraging restaurants to give us a chance, and by example that we can behave and be accepted into restaurants.  Well, some hoomans are not helping!!!!!!!!!

Nell’s on King’s Road is one of the many places near us that are dog-friendly and they still are but because one hooman brought their dog in and let it lose, so other clients complained.  So even though they are still dog-friendly, well, maybe less friendly, we have been relegated us to sit downstairs in the basement! IMG_3352Well, they at least still allow us in there but made to feel segregated.  And it’s not their fault.  The staff likes us – they actually blamed the owners. But they need to keep those un-dog-friendly clients happy (WHY?)

You see, we don’t know what hoomans expect of us – as we’ve been told recently, we’re just animals and we’re dirty. Yes, we’re four-legged and by definition, an animal. I guess that’s why we’re always drawn to smells, so we would wander to what entices us.  That is not so good for those who do not think it’s cute when we do.

In the end, our hoomans should be more considerate of their own kind and it’s really not our fault.  We are as good as the hoomans teach us to behave.

May’s comment:  As I have come to accept lately, not all humans think dogs are cute and man’s best friend. We may think our dogs are special but whoa! not everyone thinks so. That’s why we still have to tread carefully.

We’ve worked hard to show by example and to suggest to restaurants that it is really ok to have dogs in restaurants. That whole health and safety verbiage is just an excuse – as it is all down to management what they decide to do. Then just as we think we are gaining ground, some irresponsible human who would let their dog roam freely in the restaurant and not have them on a lead or under the table so they are out of the way – set us back.  They ruin the reputation of dogs when it is actually the owners who should be told off.

There’s a time and place for everything. We go to Gaucho Doggy Sunday and all dogs are off-lead because it is dog focused. Unfortunately, in everyday circumstances, not everyone loves dogs even though they have done so much for humankind.

It will be an ongoing battle for dog-lovers. So how do we win over those humans who have not yet understood the relationships we have with our dogs?  By not pushing the issue in their face. Whether it is out of ignorance, cultural differences or lack of sympathy/empathy – some may never get it (very sad) and some may one day experience it themselves – it will be a long battle. So let’s be considerate for those people to help our own cause.  Only by lovingly show them how much joy and love we experience, and more importantly by being responsible and considerate owners, to demonstrate that dogs are a joy and safe to have around.

There are also those who love dogs but do not wish to dine with them – something about hygiene or maybe their love is conditional or they do not regard dogs as part of the family.

As I had mentioned before – dogs in the city and dogs running in the countryside behave differently – one doesn’t walk through fields to get to a eatery. One is also used to being in confined spaces.  So while we live in a very dog-tolerant part of London, there are still many who still have very well-ingrained opinions, i.e. the notion that they are dirty and full of germs and diseases. Phew! I am glad that I am still alive and healthy, as mine eat and sleep with me.

It had crossed our mids to move to Germany – not because of Brexit but because Germans are more tolerant about dogs, even more than the French, and they are pretty good already.  But we would be in the majority.

And then I wonder why they don’t apply the same rules for unruly children who cry and scream, make a complete mess on the floor, stand on the seats and who run amok in the restaurants – disturbing other diners.  I like children but not parents who can’t rein them in!IMG_2056-3This pub gets it!  Because in MOST cases dogs behave better than children.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    It’s a sad fact that there will always be the few who make it difficult for the rest of us. I agree about children in restaurants, as much as I love children, there have been times when I would have much prefered to be in a restaurant full of dogs, than screaming children. From my observation children in France seem to be better behaved in restaurants than they do here in Oz. Maybe it’s a cultural thing.

  2. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    There is a pub/restaurant in Rye in Sussex that has a sign outside saying something to the effect that unruly children can be served….boiled ,roasted or grilled… (obviously not really) but it does make us smile when we walk past…we once stayed at a hotel where a small child played hide and seek amongst the diners in between our legs and the parents didn’t raise an eyebrow!!!! Email now up and working again and I’ve almost caught up with all your posts.xx

  3. Kathrine Jebsen Moore

    I love both dogs and children (well, I have three kids and a dog!) and it’s easier to control a dog most of the time! I think well behaved dogs should be made welcome in restaurants, just as children should be. But to shame children the way some people shame dogs is not the way – we should be tolerant of both (within reason!). If you never bring your child to a restaurant they won’t learn how to behave there, but obviously you don’t bring a screaming two-year – old to the Ivy, just as you wouldn’t bring three Great Danes to a tiny sushi place. It’s good to use common sense! By the way, I am in Norway at the moment and here dogs have to be on a lead all summer, and are never allowed in restaurants and cafés – the UK is not so bad!

  4. Ian Harrison

    You’re doing a great job persuading places in London to accept dogs. It’s a shame some inconsiderate people let all dog owners down. Personally I prefer to share eating/drinking venues with dogs than with some children and their parents who allow their offspring to run amok. If you have to move somewhere how about Manchester or the surrounding area? There’s much work to be done here to make more places dog-friendly!

  5. Nancy Koon

    I’ll take a dog over a child any time!

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