More tummy rubs, please!

Mummy and I are part of an entourage to Burton Bradstock today … Little Tyke, Mini Tyke, Kai (the boy who wanted a dog but changed his mind after having to pick up my poo)and a few others!

And Mummy had to make a very tough decision.  She is not taking George along.

In fact, she knew that all the kids travelling with us would so much prefer to have George but when she told Little Tyke that George won’t be coming along, he was sad for one very brief moment and then he said, “I know why. If George comes, all the kids would be fighting over him.  IMG_2362It will be too chaotic.”

Very perceptive, Little Tyke.  IMG_1744The kids are not so fond of me, which is fine.

Mummy also know that if she brought the two of us, we will have a better time, chasing each other, egging each other along. But she’s nervous about the walks along the cliffs. If it’s just me, I would be walking by her side, calmly. George would make me forget myself and we would be charging along seeing who’s faster (me, of course) and she has this image of us both running off the cliff side. IMG_9430Not a good idea.

So she decided it was better for George not to go.  So for that, Georgie got more than his share of tummy rubs and lots of cuddles.IMG_3239See you in a couple of days, George. Enjoy your time with Maddie. IMG_1867-3She will love your company.

May’s comment:  Back to Burton Bradstock for the third time this year!  Wasn’t planning on it but Sasha’s family wanted to go to the beach and I suggested The Seaside Boarding house.  It was down to the last minute when I decided that it was best not to take George with us on our trip to Burton Bradstock. With five kids in tow from 3 years to 12, all love to handle George, it would just be another reason to escalate the level of noise and excitement. That’s one reason – even though they would love to have him rather than Darcy.

Secondly, the thought of my two charging up the cliff side scares me. Darcy would keep close, wander off and come back when called, and so would George. But the two of them together – they will chase each other as far as the eye can see.

And last but not least, it is of course easier for me to handle one of them rather than two.  I think I would have taken him, if it wasn’t for the chaos it would cause. I’m sure the kids will be upset (for one second) that George isn’t a part of the entourage!

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  1. Laura Cordovano

    Georges fur is so beautiful and shiny. What do you feed him?

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