Or three …

IMG_8925Today we have Maddie.IMG_8931Let’s all do a Tongue-out Thursday! It is rather hot these days.IMG_8932May’s comment: I have come to accept that three dogs is not an option – at least not in my current situation. But I am very fortunate to enjoy the company of another dog ever so often – just a little practice on what it feels like to walk three. 🙂IMG_5088There’s always Charlie.  And sometimes there’s Rocko.  And Maddie, of course.

Haven’t quite attempted four yet!  This was just a photo op – did not walk them on my own.IMG_7737

Also learnt that walking two girls is a lot easier than two boys – who seem to go in all directions trying to find places to mark! Girls just pretty straightforward – stop, squat – finish!

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