Orange is the new black

That was not a commentary on the American Presidency! LOL!

We all wore our orange Equafleeces yesterday – the grounds were still very muddy – look at our paws – black!

See how we stood out in the winter grey? That’s the reason why Mummy likes us in our bright fluorescence – especially in the case of black dinky winky.

When Mummy walks the three of us together, she prefers to take us to Westfield Park where there’s an enclosed section.  This way George can’t run away!  And Mummy can sit and be more relaxed without constantly on the alert on which way George is going to run,Instead she sits and watch us run from one end of the enclosureTo the other end – not so far away
And back again
After a few back and forth, we stood and looked at her.
Now what? What do we do now? We’ve been running back and forth a few times – no squirrels, no undergrowth to run into.Can you throw the ball again?What? It’s too dirty for you to handle?

Well, I’ll just sit here with it then,While Jaffa eyed it jealouslyShe started to wonder what could be more interesting than a ball?

Finally, after we’ve sat and stared at Mummy And with mud-crusted paws and a ticket for the K9 bus at noon, she finally got up from the bench and let us out of the enclosure.  All along the way home, the sight of us three orange onesies put a lot of smiles on people’s faces.  But this road sweeper, called Joseph, gave us the thumbs up!
Mummy asked if we could have a photo taken with him. He was too happy to oblige.He then ran after us and asked us to take a photo with his phone as he took off his skull-cap! LOL!

And we added it to our Instagram (MissDarcyandMe) posting!Note the matching “shoes” – LOL!

As we walked further along, we found another “orange” creature!I’ve seen one of those one very early morning on the streets near us.

Once back home, we were in the bathtub! And after that we were back to being au naturel.

May’s comment: Ever helpful to put them in those Equafleeces. I didn’t like them at first – always think they look like they’ve walked out in their PJs. But I have learnt to appreciate them for keeping them clean and dry.  I have also learnt after many suits later – DO NOT get them fitted. They can be a bit loose so they don’t rub the hair as they move.

The one other thing I have come to appreciate about those onesies – especially when you walk them along the street – whether they are multi-coloured or in blazing orange, they always manage to put a smile on people’s faces. And that makes them even better!


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Love the photo with the road sweeper, as you say all with matching shoes! Lol!

  2. Jacqui jones

    Hi May what size equafleece do you have for Darcy ? I always find it hard to work out.

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Jacqui, I got Darcy a 22. DO NOT get the slim fit – get the regular. They may look a bit baggy but makes them matt less.

  3. Jacqui jones

    Thanks may that’s worth knowing about the slim fit. Your two always look lovely and clean, mine are little muck monsters !

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