A trip to Chinatown turned into an encounter with history

It was a Saturday morning, and Mummy took me to Chinatown to look at the Chinese lanterns all hung up for the upcoming festivities of the Chinese New Year.

We weren’t going to join the crowds next weekend – too busy and too noisy.

We met up with Ellen and Kai There were lanterns everywhere …Very pretty … But the dim sum restaurants looked more interesting. But we could only look on longingly as we know that Chinese restaurants do not like us dogs in any of them! Even the stores in Chinatown tended not to be welcoming but in this small little gift shop they told Mummy I could go inside if she carried me. It was a really tiny shop full of knick knacks for the upcoming celebrations
As this is the year of the Red Rooster, we found a little stuffed rooster for George (he was on a playdate with Maddie)It was close to lunch time and the hoomans were really in the mood for dim sum. And Ellen had an idea. Why don’t we ask – they can only say no. We waited outside New World restaurant on Gerrard Street while Ellen went inside to try our luck.And we waited as she went inside and spoke to the Manager in Mandarin – and then to our surprise, she came back out and told us we could go in through the side door! Whoa! I was allowed in!!!! This was an unexpected first!Lots and lots of bamboo baskets came with dim sum in them! All I got was a few slivers of dumpling skins! 🙁

After we finished lunch, we walked along Shaftesbury Avenue to take the bus home, but soon found ourselves stuck in traffic. The bus wasn’t going anywhere. Passengers were asking to be let off. What’s going on?

The bus driver informed us that the “Womens March” demonstrators were coming down Piccadilly towards Pall Mall. We thought we would wait a few minutes but the few minutes became twenty minutes and the bus was still not moving – all traffic had come to a halt.  Mummy decided we should get off the bus and walk past Hyde Park but as we hurried along, we ran right into the demonstration. Mummy, what are we going to do?Dozens, no, hundreds, no thousands of people kept streaming past.  This was not one small crowd, they kept coming – cheering, and smiling and sometimes chanting.

And then we noticed a staffie in the crowd of people I normally bark at them but this one saw me and turned around – trying to get me to walk with it.“I can’t,” I said hurriedly, frightened out of my wits, “Mummy’s trying to catch a bus!” and excused myself from having to walk with him.

The next minute I saw a HUGE German Shepherd and again, I would have normally barked but I knew he was on a mission and I left him to it. Better not distract him in case. The stream of people were never ending! And amongst them were more dogs …I think this was a cockapoo – she was wearing her own message Look closely – there’s another dog on a leash  And this little guy was raring to go, followed closely by another More poochesAnd this one came to say hello!It was a very peaceful demonstration – We finally wove our way across the stream of people and walked through Hyde Park some ways before we finally found a bus!  I was happy as it was quite stressful walking past all those legs. Finally I could run off lead!So a trip to London’s  Chinatown turned into an encounter with history.

.As for George, he appreciated our effortBut it didn’t take long for him to rip off one of the rooster’s wings –
And it’s not even Chinese New Year yet!

May’s comment: I will not be adding New World Restaurant to our Wine & Dine list as this was probably a special favour from one Mandarin speaker to another.  We felt privileged and we were told we could go back again.  Hooray! But we know we will always have to be there early for lunch – before the crowds arrive and to enter by the side door.

As for everything else – this is how I feel …


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  1. Jill Keiser

    There have been Women’s Marches in all the major cities across the US! My Mummy has been watching the coverage on CNN all day long! Your friend, Gina!

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