Orange is the new black

We woke up yesterday morning and Mummy put us in our orange onesies again. We went to collect Jaffa – and she’s in her orange onesie too.  Looks like we were Team Orange!

We were wondering where we’re going when a car pulled up –IMG_1160It was Victoria and her daddy, taking Georgie for a walk. Victoria is Georgie’s hooman BFF.  They haven’t seen each other since before Christmas – think it was a happy reunion.  Victoria wanted George to sit on her lap and he happily obliged! IMG_1170 But another car pulled up and it was Stanley. They had come to pick us up for an impromptu cockapoo walk in the park.IMG_1171We were walking around when we saw Bubbles …IMG_1181 And who is that cockapoo?  OMG!!! It’s Charlie!IMG_1183 Hello Charlie!IMG_1185 Charlie went to say hello to JaffaIMG_1189 And to StanleyIMG_1191 So happy we’re altogether again! That’s me, a labradoodle who came to join us, Bubbles, Jaffa, Charlie and Stanley.IMG_1193 And then we spotted another Equafleece orange clad dog – lo and behold it was George with Victoria!IMG_1199 Jaffa wanted to go with her best mate but we had to tell Jaffa no!IMG_1196 We managed to get him back and she got a hug from Praewa. We can’t separate lovers it seems. IMG_1204To distract Jaffa from going after George, I told Jaffa – copy what I do – let’s go hunting instead.IMG_1208 Along the way we met Merlin – we’ve been seeing Merlin a lot lately. IMG_1228Merlin is Miuccia’s half brother and he lives close to us.

Soon it was time for Bubbles and Charlie to leave. Bye Charlie, it was so nice seeing you. IMG_1236We miss you lots – and hope you will come and stay with us again some day.

May’s comment: Love this photo – they look like Olympians posing for a photo – in half action, poised an ready for any eventuality. 🙂IMG_1167


  1. Gill

    They’d get a job on easyjet !!

  2. Laura Cordovano

    Poor Jaffa!

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