Please play with me

I’m always trying to get my sister  a.k.a. Miss Dee to play but she can be so stoic sometimes.  She is rather a serious old thing, that Miss Dee.  Maybe it’s because she’s going to be five soon. 

Or maybe it’s because she was all suited up in her orange gear and she can’t move! LOL!

But I try again and this time I somewhat succeed.  She kept running to Mummy but I think she was starting to enjoy my tackles.

Darcy: what kind of play is this – going under me?

May’s comment: Yup! Miss Dee is a rather serious pup. She watches as George tries to instigate play – and she can sit there while he tries and tries.  After awhile if he persists, she’ll give a little bark at him. Or she might join in.

Darcy used to play with her BFF Zavia but she moved away. And she loved Rocko but he “cheated” on her and it was never ever the same again.  But she stopped playing almost when she turned two. Miss that kookiness in her. Now she prefers to sit by herself or hang out with the humans, rather where there is food when the others are playing. I am glad George is in our lives and he makes Darcy play. He doesn’t ever stop trying. He’s Mr. Social with all the others but he always comes back to Darcy to urge her to play.  And she does get jealous when he plays with the others.


  1. Jill Keiser

    I enjoyed the videos of George and Miss Darcy playing — even though George had to do a lot of coaxing! I have a Dalmatian who is a lot older than my flat-coated retriever (both girls), but so far she keeps up with playing with the younger dog. It is good to have the young dog keeping her youthful.

  2. Liz

    Oh Miss Darcy, poor you. Georgie being a typical little brother, teasing, when you’re trying to be a mature young lady.

  3. Jocelyn

    Miss D’s behaviour is exactly like Lucca we hv a spaniel puppy as a neighbour, and he behaves like George, and Lucca is like Miss D. Lucca is going to be four on April 1st.
    He used to be much more playful, maybe it is just being a more mature dog X

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