Orange smiles on a rainy day

Wasn’t it just the wettest Monday ever! 

Mummy is quite clever – she always seem to get the dog walker to walk us when it is pouring with rain.

So on Monday, me, George and Jaffa were all suited up in our orange Equafleeces and we trooped the colour as we made our way to the park.Mummy took these pictures of us, while hiding behind a car – so we wouldn’t see her. If any of us caught sight of her lurking around, we would all have gone berserk – barking down the neighbourhood! LOL!

And yes, it was a very wet day.

But it didn’t stop us from playing – and showing off our exposed bum at the end of our Equafleeces!Our heads, tails, paws and Equafleeces were completely soaked – yet our bodies stayed relatively dry!!! But we at least brightened up the day for some people along the way! Three little dogs in orange onesies walking through wet, dark, grey London.

May’s comment: No comment. Had to go to work! LOL!


  1. Julie Entwistle

    They were loving it. Jaffa, just loved being greeted x

  2. Kathy Shoulders

    Hahahaha!!! So cute!!!

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