OSCAR is home!!!!

He’s safe and he’s a clever boy.  That was the best news of today!

Oscar slipped his collar after he was attacked just outside his house in Hanwell, west London (W7) on Monday 27th.  They have looked everywhere for him.

There were suggested sightings of a similar dog near some shops in Copley Close – sitting outside on the pavement.  The posters went up and his missing was shared on social media.

Then today, almost five days later Charlotte got the phone call she has been waiting for.

Oscar was taking refuge in a local house that was being renovated – clever Oscar.  It so happened that the owner had gone in last night to see how the work was going and found Oscar in her house. She couldn’t understand why the builders had left their dog there. She put down food and water for Oscar (nice human!) and waited till this morning to call her builder.

When they told her he was not theirs, she made her way back to the house. As she was doing so, she saw the posters about Oscar. The phone call was made to Charlotte.

And their reunion – made a lot of humans happy!!!!  There was champagne and chocolate cake! LOL!

As for Suzie, she is pretty chuffed to have Oscar back. She was really upset the last few days but she knew even before the door opened that Oscar was on his way home.  I am sure after all the big hugs and cuddles – she’s going to tell him to never ever do that again.11066145_10152841484841188_195349267_oBut we’re really, really happy you’re home safely.

Have a very happy rest of summer!11173628_10152858017111188_1562301021_n

May’s comment: Hallelujah! Another one found safely and back home. Clever Oscar for taking shelter.  What do I get from this?  Posters work!!!!  Let’s get Izzy and Harlow and, and, and … home!


  1. Julia

    Fantastic news x

  2. Sarah

    Wow! I am so pleased to see this lovely news. Clever Oscar finding a safe place and staying there. What smart dogs we have.

  3. Cecilia

    Great news! Congratulations to Oscar and his family!

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