George gets the jabbies for rabies

Bravo George! He sat so still and waited for his jabs. Not one but two.

He had his update rabies jab and then he had to have a vaccination for Leishmaniasis – as we are travelling to Mallorca in September.IMG_9663Oy! Treats for George? What about me?IMG_9664 Yes, I deserve some too.IMG_9661 Thank you Mr. Butt.IMG_9665May’s comment:  We had received a letter from the vet to remind us of George’s rabies top-up as well as vaccination for Leishmaniasis disease – should we be going anywhere near the Mediterranean. I would not even have thought to ask – so was thankful for the letter.

We have already booked all our flights. Darcy won’t be travelling with us – she’s off on her own holiday at House of Mutt – but thought to take George in-cabin with me to Mallorca.

Leishmaniasis disease in prevalent around the Med, all of Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, southern France etc. It is transmitted by sand flies (nothing to do with sand – they like damp places and are only active at night) and no just near the beaches but travels as far as 10km inland.

In addition to the vaccination, we have bought a Scaribor collar which is the recognised preventative measure as well as keeping the dogs inside during the hours of darkness.  This doesn’t provide 100% security.

There is no cure for leishmania in dogs once contracted, although the symptoms can be ameliorated by a lifetime drug regime.

We won’t be at the beach as we’re staying with friends inland.  George will stay in the confines of the finca. He will not be needing his LED collar to run around outside in the evenings.

This is scary reading – Parasite Infection (Leishmaniasis) in Dogs


  1. Tory Johnston

    Monsieur Tati has Lechmaniose jabs every year (v. expensive !) as we have it here too although we are nowhere near a beach – it is linked to certain mosquitos.that are prevalent in the Mediterranean He also has a new Scalibor collar every year from April to November for the same reason. When you were here in early April it was just too early for you to have to have worried about it but if you are coming back in Oct it could be relevant.
    Enjoy Mallorca Georgeous ! And May too of course ….

  2. Alison

    Thanks for the information May – I’d not heard of leishmania
    Hope you and George have a wonderful time!!!

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