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So Mummy’s birthday present has been hung and now the gallery is full. So much for Mummy who once thought it was daft to have a dog’s portrait done and hung in one’s home.

Now we have a gallery wall of paintings, sketches, photography and even embroidery.  And we’re quickly running out of space.

May’s comment: I was one of those people who thought it was daft to have a portrait of your dog! Now we have a gallery wall! Hmmm. Will need to reconsider how to re-arrange the room or move!

Our collection is varied. Besides the two oils –Sara Abbott 12832575_994614243964673_3935337403069151735_nBy Sara Abbott 20160308_101516This is a 15 minute sketch of Darcy in charcoal by Sally Muirphoto-34-580x435 who did A Dog A Day photo-41-e1402167523512-2All framed up and on our gallery wall.IMG_1393Sally will be doing another 15 minute dog drawing at The Dog Show in Brighton. Looks like a good show.  We’re planning to attend so George can have his 15 minute drawing too.

The first drawing of George is a ballpoint art of the two of them together by Gareth EdwardsIMG_1375Digital painting of Darcy by Ken Robinson from Seattle, WA.IMG_2478-580x773-2All framed up!photo-1-63One of my favourite photos of Darcy and myself taken by Ursula Roxy Atchinson at Henry Root.DSC_5131We had this blown up and printed on a metal sheet to capture all the light on the glass bottles. IMG_1394And Indre Cukuraite of Amarcord Photography took this one of Darcy modelling one of her coats. IMG_1376Indre photographs dogs, stripped of anything except their souls so this was a one-off that she did for us.  We need space before we blow up the beautiful photo that Indre did for our last year’s Christmas card.

And the something very different – this incredible free-hand machine sewing by Stacy ChapmanDarcy-Wong-Machine-Embroidery-Large-res-580x435 of Art Sea Craft SeaIMG_9743And then there’s the Cockapoo Dog Tag print from The Enlightened Hound photo-4-28-e1408388687400which we had helped put together with Debbie Kendall. And that’s Darcy – The Cockapoo!IMG_1392We’ve hung Willow’s Wish Bone on it.

At the moment, we have another being commissioned – due next year!!!! We have time to figure out how to rearrange and cover all the holes in the wall!


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    What a beautiful gallery. It’s funny how once you’ve had a dog look up at you with those big puppy dog eyes, you’re lost forever, and things you once thought daft don’t anymore.

  2. Jill Keiser

    Wow! What a fascinating gallery! All of the portraits are wonderful! I’m astonished at the work that went into all of them, but especially the free hand machine sewing by Stacy Chapman! Her work is amazing. I can barely sew a straight seam, and she has really done such a lovely portrait of Miss Darcy!

  3. It looks wonderful – honoured to have created part of their well. I’m always blown away by Stacy’s work though – that really is something special – do say hello when you see her next xxx

  4. Christina LeDee

    I was also one of those people. . . but now my puppies have more fashionable clothing attire than I and my wall is covered with oil paintings and professional photo’s of the little darlings. I hope they’re enjoying it as much as I am.

  5. Cheryl

    Your gallery is fabulous! It shows just how much you love your pups!

  6. Margaret Danks

    Fabulous May. I love the way they are hung to show MissD and Georgeous looking at each other

  7. very very beautiful ,Jandaz Miss darcy is a lucky girl janice

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