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O come, all ye doodles!

A doodle meet in Hyde Park!  IMG_7017We started off as a cockapoo meet, but today, we take them all – labradoodle (Crumpet), a cockapoo (me!)  a cavapoo (Teddy!)

In fact we had three labradoodles:IMG_7016Crumpet who loved to romp around with us smaller versions of himIMG_7030Amber, who is amber-coloured and smallerIMG_7041And Inca who is big and black!

We have a malti-poo and a yorkiepoo but yet to have a golden doodle!

Today was London Marathon, but I guess none of our hoomans were not runners though I think it would have been easy for us to run 26.2km!

May’s comment: The day started off a bit rainy but the sun came out – though it was cold! But we had 16 doodles come to play. IMG_7033Left to right: Amber, Ted, Dante, Kiko, Rusty, Miuccia, Lucca, George, Darcy, Teddy (cavapoo), Coco, Alfie, Spencer, Inca (labradoodle), Crumpet (labradoodle), Amber

Next meet will be the last Sunday in May – 29 May at 10:30am.



  1. Teresa Sarno

    One of the poos is wearing a very cleaver blue & gray “stay clean suit” can you tell us who makes it, Ellis my cockapoo sure could use one of those here in NY!

    • Miss Darcy

      I think it is from Equafleece – they have several versions. If you can’t find it, I can ask Tony.

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