Our weekend guest …

Ta-da! It’s Jaffa Cakes!!!! 

Georgie has so often stayed at Jaffa’s but this time she’s staying with us and we L-O-V-E it!!!

At first Jaffa went to sit by herself in the living room
IMG_5707So I thought I would go and join herIMG_5710And then Georgie came to see what we were up toIMG_5715I showed Jaffa that this is my favourite toy – IMG_5725she can play with any toy in the basket but she should leave Teddy alone.

Georgie then picked his favourite toy – the singing dog to claim as his ownIMG_5773While Jaffa somehow found the little white doggy that Charlie once beheaded – and Mummy still haven’t managed to sew the head back.IMG_5764It wasn’t much of a toy to chew on and she soon gave up when she found her all time favourite – the tennis ball!IMG_5768Well, Mummy threw it again and again for her until Mummy was tired and decided to give her a hug instead …IMG_5732While Georgie looked onIMG_5733 We were all having a lying around IMG_5744as I kept an eye on Jaffa getting too close to TeddyIMG_5753I decided to take Teddy to bed with me before Jaffa decides to take itIMG_5758Jaffa watched me walk away with TeddyIMG_5721Heh! Heh! Heh! I knew it! She was going to be up to no good with my Teddy.

No Teddy, so George and Jaffa played together – as they always doIMG_5723We all had supper – I am still on Royal Canin Sensitivity until my stomach has completely settled – well, it seems so settled that I haven’t had a poo in three days. And now Mummy is wondering if I am constipated. 🙂 Never ending saga.  George had his Honey’s raw and Jaffa had his Lily’s Kitchen dinner with some milk and biscuits. Mummy must have worked hard in the kitchen to prepare all our different foods.

As a treat – we each got a chewy bone as a treat – and as Mummy said – there was “peace on earth” as we each chewed to our heart’s content
IMG_5783 IMG_5779 IMG_5787 IMG_5788But I finished mine a lot sooner than the others – IMG_5781And asked if I could have another. How about it, Mummy?

May’s comment: Our weekend begins!

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