A Girls’ Night Out in Mayfair

We were invited to a book launch at Assouline – a book about buildings, I mean, architecture and the architects.

IMG_5684 We met the photographer, Richard Schulman. He signed Mummy’s book –IMG_5669As Mummy and Richard sat and talked about his photography and his new project, they realised that they both know a few of the same people in New York.IMG_5672At the event, they served drinks but no food – so no scraps to be found.IMG_5676So I was happy to move on to places with scraps of food.

Just next door to the Assouline store at Claridges, we saw this lovely dress in a shop window. They are part of the GREAT Britain campaign.IMG_5681We had to look carefully at the photo on the poster in the back and wondered if it’s a bunch of brown doggies at the base of her dress. It wasn’t. 🙂

We walked a little ways further to Scott’s for dinner.
IMG_5662 We waited to be seated – outside. IMG_5637The weather is still so mild that it was rather quite nice.IMG_5644

May’s comment: Always been interested in architecture, so when Assouline invited us to the launch of Portraits of the New Architecture 2 – couldn’t wait to see the new book and meet the photographer, Richard Schulman. Having worked with a few of these architects, and very much involved with quite a few of the high rises in some of the American big cities, it was inevitable that we both knew some of the same people.

It wasn’t a six-degrees-of-separation moment – it was more a reconnection with the past.  Ahhh, the days of big meetings, big names, big wigs and ever so “important” people. They are a distant past but I can still feel and smell the fervour of “more, more, more”.  But for me, these days it’s about dogs everything.  It doesn’t mean I have stopped admiring architecture even though a lot of these fancy buildings are not dog-friendly.

Darcy got the most attention of anyone besides Richard Schulman – and we ended up speaking to another guest who has a Portuguese Rabbit Terrier (?) – of course it was all about dogs.

Having had a lovely evening, we went on to have a lovely supper at Scott’s. One of my favourite places even though they’re not dog-friendly inside, we were allowed to sit outside on this mild winter’s evening. IMG_5683Was really quite happy to taste something else besides my home cooking – as I have been trying to eat healthy. I stayed with fish, sea bass and veggie, no dessert which was a trump! Ahem and a glass of my fave vino bianco – Gavi de Gavi. Something’s got to give. 😉IMG_5661We watched the the Mayfair scene – they seemed to be out in force last night or is it always like that? The people were bustling with festivity. Many of the Christmas lights are already on and people looked dressed for events – like the one we were at.

So it was just us girls tonight. We left Georgie with a neighbour as he had a crazy day again with Fonzie and there’s something wrong with one of his back legs. He isn’t putting weight on it sometimes. Oy vey! Darcy’s better, now we have to figure out what’s wrong with Georgie.


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