Out and about on King’s Road

We had a task to do today – we went shopping and dining along King’s Road.

As it was a long road it took us awhile to get through it!

We started off at 11.00 in the morning and did not get home till past 16.00!

We seem to stop at a lot of shoe shops. What I don’t understand is why Mummy who has two feet needs so many pairs of shoes. I have four paws and I have none!

Mummy’s excuse for stopping at Natural Show Store (325 Kings’ Road) is that she needed a pair of good walking shoes for dog walking. We’ve heard that excuse before. But the staff there loved having me there so that made it ok.IMG_0038 And then at Venise, she needed some good walking shoes for the summerIMG_0100So why are we at French Soles?IMG_0042So I can take a photo on this lovely chair!IMG_0043We were drawn by the bright colours at Designer’s Guild IMG_0054We went to check out the vibrant coloursIMG_0064 And India Jane for some decorating ideasIMG_0117IMG_0119There’s a lovely old art supply store – Green & StoneIMG_0066Lots of interesting smellsIMG_0068Then the boring stuff begins – clothes shopping because there’s nothing interesting to smell all new clothes and shoes

We went from Orla Keily …
IMG_0090to Toast – where Mummy bought some toothpaste! What? Yes, she found her favourite toothpaste at a clothing store.IMG_0093The last time we were at Anthropologie, we didn’t really look around the store as we were there for the K9 exhibit.IMG_0111There’s a new store on King’s Road – Lululemon IMG_0122 (1)They had a bowl of water for us pooches by the door.  Thank you. IMG_0159Much needed by now.

It’s boring whenever we go into clothing stores because inevitably we end up in the dressing room where I take a rest. Not very interesting locked up in a cubicle!

IMG_0147 (1)But when we went to The Bluebird ShopIMG_0192there was something different about it this time …IMG_0195I found lots and lots of balls!!!IMG_0202I have never seen so many bouncy balls!IMG_0205I was so excited I jumped into the display – and got told off! 😉  But I got to take home a few of them.IMG_0207Think it’s time to go home.

Amidst the never-ending rows of shops, there were only two doggy shops – Pet Pavilion at Chelsea Farmers MarketIMG_0175 (1)Tip for any pooches – go behind the counter – there are always treats!
IMG_0177 And Purple Bone at 155 King’s Road – hmmm, interesting ad.IMG_0102It was a long day and was quite happy to be going home.  Shopping is very tiring.

May’s comment: We thought we would do an exercise of identifying all the dog friendly places in each of the main shopping areas of London so that when friends come to visit, we will know where to go with the dogs.

The first street we did today was King’s Road and in summary – besides the food shops, almost all retailers along this busy shopping street welcome dogs inside. The exceptions are Rococo Chocolates, M&S, Boots and Peter Jones.  IMG_0051Neither at the Chelsea Old Town Hall!IMG_0096 Yes, very clear signage.IMG_0097

Along the way there are a few places you can definitely dine comfortably with pooches.  Here is a list of them.

Poliane – La Cuisine de Bar at 39 Cadogan Gardens (behind Peter Jones) serves light lunches of Tartines (toasted open-face sandwiches). IMG_0153Sharing a piece of a tartine foie gras with Miss D!IMG_0155Joe & the Juice at 65 King’s Road – relaxed juice bar and coffee shopIMG_0129 (1)IMG_0132

BRGR.CO at 127 King’s Road serves gourmet burgers!IMG_0121 (1)And our friend, Albert!IMG_0120Chelsea Farmer’s Market on Sydney Street just off of King’s Road, across from Chelsea Old Town Hall is a collection of chalet style shops and restaurants are several places  that are dog-friendly dining:

Dri Dri Gelateria – our favourite place to stop especially after a hot summer’s day of shopping along King’s RoadIMG_0164They’ve convinced us that Crema is good for dogs because it has eggs in its ingredients.

The Market Place Restaurant – outdoors seating onlyIMG_0167

La Pizzeria – we’re allowed inside and out

IMG_0170Bumpkin at 119 Sydney Street just next to the Chelsea Farmer’s Market, allow dogs in the back garden which is covered.IMG_4707

Nell’s at 191 King’s Road is a brunch, lunch, daily changing salads and main courses. If the place is full, they prefer the dogs and their owners to sit downstairs.

IMG_0095 (1)Gail’s at 209 King’s Road – you can take your dog inside until the counter. IMG_1005

Chelsea Quarter Cafe at 219 King’s Road. The café serves all-day breakfasts, afternoon tea and in the evenings by-the-glass wines.IMG_0087Miss D striding in confidentlyIMG_0081 That red velvet keeps popping up everywhere and never a bite she’s allowed!IMG_0084

Made in Italy at 249 King’s Road – well priced authentic ItalianIMG_0188 (1) When we asked – “are dogs allowed in?” The respond was – “why not?”  We LIKE! 🙂IMG_0079Bluebird Cafe – outside seating and then shopping at The Bluebird Shop. On any sunny days, the outdoor cafe is full!


JUICE Baby at 398 King’s Road – a healthy option of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, savoury foods and sweet treats. A local favourite of ours.IMG_0898-2There are a few pubs along the way – and they are always dog friendly!

– The Chelsea Potter at 119 King’s Road

– The Cadogan Arms at 298 King’s Road

– The Phoenix at 23 Smith Street

We’ll continue our search for other dog friendly places in London sometime soon – to Sloane Square and closely neighbourhoods and beyond.



  1. Irene

    really enjoyed your walk along the Kings Road but frustratingly when I turned the photos the right way up they spun back again, that’s iPads for you ! x

  2. Jan

    oh well done …I find it sad that dogs are excluded from so many shops & I really don’t know why. So it’s great to see Miss Darcy being welcomed into some lovely shops. Did she need a paw massage at the end of her task!??

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