“Leave no dog behind” – says Tatler

That’s me in the photo on the top right hand corner of Tatler’s spread. I’m sitting on the back of the sofa – the photo was taken at the House of Mutt which was listed as one of the places for dog vacation.

“Give a dog a break” is an article in April’s issue of Tatler by Emma Kennedy in the Travel section – another doggy type person who takes her dog on her holidays.  Hooray!IMG_8157

There’s a list of dream destinations for us to try out. And just in case we doggies don’t get to go along, there’s always the House of Mutt.  That’s where we get to go when Mummy can’t take us with her. And we love it there.

And a list of new places to eat in London.

Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come.

May’s comment: In the Travel section of April’s Tatler, is a six page spread about doggy travel.
The feature suggests dog friendly accommodation in the UK and some London cafes and clubs that we’ve never been to before. IMG_8158Nice spread and encouraging that more recognition is being given to dogs being a part of our daily lives.

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