Parteeeee time!

Oh what a day!!!!

After a morning walk in the fields where it is more of an agility course these days, when I got back to the House of Mutt, I had a fluff up for the parteeee!

Yup! I’m ready for the day!

OK, we’re all seated – demurely.

And here comes the cake!

Mum sent along a cake from Pet Posh Kitchen

Candles are lit and ready for the photo …

Happy Birthday was sung …

Come on! Let’s cut the cake!

Don’t mind me I’ll have a lick of my birthday cake!

Yes, I’ll have a biscuit from the side.

Watching intently –

Er, where are you going?

Look – there’s movement – a piece has been dislodged.

This is the second piece. Who got the first?

All eyes on the cake serving …

We are watching your every move …

Oh! Finally! Chow time!

And of course after all that – dancing on the table!

Some DIRTY DANCING going on there!

And to finish off, we helped with the clean up – licking up the bits left over …

After all that cake, we went for a run around outside!

And a good day was had by all!

May’s comment: And she had a lovely day! A party was had by all!

Thank you House of Mutt for making it a special day for Darcy. Looked like she had a blast!

Thank you Posh Pet Kitchen for the cake – and a warning for Darcy – Do not feed whole cake at once! LOL!


  1. Jill Keiser

    Happy Birthday ? Darcy! You and your pals at House of Mutt look like you had a super time at your birthday party! I know that cake was scrumptious!

  2. Cheryl

    Happy 9th Birthday Divine Miss D! The photos and captions are priceless! I love that Posh Pet gave suggested serving sizes!

  3. Elaine Craigen

    Happy birthday Darcy! Your cake looks very tasty!??What a fun filled day you’ve had!xxx??

  4. Sara Cormack

    Darcy you couldn’t wait for that cake to be cut could you darling!xx


    Happy birthday Darling Darcy. ?❤️

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