Hey Babe!

I’m NINE today!

For the first time I’m not celebrating with Mum and George – for reasons that Mum will explain. See below.

Since we’ve cancelled my birthday Tea Party, we’ve decided to donate money otherwise spent to help Tia at Dogs Trust. We have always supported Dogs Trust over the years – and this time we received a letter about Tia who has been there for more than 800 days.

She has been overlooked time and time again because she doesn’t stand out. No one asks to see her because she’s not “special” – she doesn’t have one blue eye and one brown eye, her ears don’t droop all the way to the floor and she has no special spots on her fur.

We know that cockapoos or doodle crosses get picked up really quickly – but Tia doesn’t have all those cuddly, cutesy traits. This is in fact Tia’s second time at Dogs Trust. She was only one day old when she was brought to Dogs Trust and though she was adopted when she was a cute puppy, her owners of seven years sadly passed and she found herself back at Dogs Trust.

So while I may not be spending my ninth birthday with Mum, I know she’s there. In fact I am a lucky pooch to be at the House of Mutt celebrating with my friends here.

So we’re just thinking about dogs like Tia who are having to wait and wait till someone finds her beautiful just the way she is.

May’s comment: Nine years ago today you squeezed your way into the world. You and your siblings all squealing and blindly tumbling around in search of feeding.

I am thinking of you today because we are not together to celebrate your ninth birthday. And thinking of that wonderful moment when you came into the world. I wasn’t there but just imagining what it might have been like today nine years ago.

And yes, you’re NINE – how quickly the years have flown by. You are your own – my beautiful tomboy, sometimes elegantly aloof, oh so embarrassingly greedy, a huntress and also a coward (LOL!) and still young at heart when you want to be. I love seeing you run like a lunatic through the parks and a huntress at heart.

You always know when to behave impeccably and when to be DAWG. You so want to be DAWG but I know you behave for me. Thank you for being long suffering and for being the best snuggler in bed. Thank you for accepting and loving George – I know you do! LOL!

Happy Birthday, Babe! Enjoy your birthday with our friends. We will be together soon.

The reason we’re not together is because I decided to self-quarantine – after having been on so many long haul flights from a high risk region of the COVID-19 virus. No need for another super spreader. So I cancelled Darcy’s Afternoon Tea birthday party – instead she is having a party at the House of Mutt. And since we are Marie Kondo-ing, no presents either and instead decided to donate to Tia’s plea – to help the humans at Dogs Trust to keep caring for her.

Our doodles are lucky in some ways – they are sought after in rescue centres but Tia isn’t feeling very special. She almost didn’t survive when she was abandoned when she was only a day old. When she was well enough and still a cute puppy, she went to her forever home and was loved for seven years till her owners passed away. Dogs Trust took her back. But she has been at the Leeds centre now for more than two years – and we wanted to help out the humans who look after her.

To learn more about Tia – this is the link – https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/rehoming/dogs/dog/1066422/tia


  1. Liz Burman

    Happy birthday sweet Darcy. What a lovely gesture to give your birthday money to Tia.❤️❤️ You have to wonder why some dogs are overlooked, who wouldn’t fall in love with that sweet face. I hope someone comes along soon who will fall in love with her.😘😘

  2. Cheryl

    Happy Birthday Miss D! Enjoy your day running free and being a dawg! 🎈🎉🎈Thank you for helping Tia and way too many dogs like her; it’s so sad! Prayers Tia finds her loving forever home ASAP! 🐾🙏🏼🐾
    May, be well!😷

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