Pawned off

You know, it’s not always so rosy for us. Don’t think we get to go everywhere with Mummy. These days when she’s quite busy, she has to leave us behind. 🙁

Thankfully, she has “separation anxiety” so she can’t just leave us at home for more than three hours each time.  She feels badly and therefore works out a plan so we’re not alone.  She pawns us off!!!

It’s easier with Georgie because he’s small and there are a few smallish dogs who live nearby.

There’s sweet little Jaffa, a little cockapoo who is more George’s size than mine.IMG_6565_2And Pikachu, the Shih-TzuIMG_5232 He’s definitely Georgie’s sizeIMG_5222Whenever Mummy brings him to Pikachu’s, he runs up the stairs by himself, does not even look back to say “goodbye” to Mummy. And goes straight onto the sofa. Pikachu wondering what had happened to his “territory!”  I guess I am more Mummy-centric than he is.  But maybe he has more self-confidence and he knows by now that Mummy always comes to get him.

And of course our friend, Maddie who is a Cavalier King Charles.  IMG_6603_2She lives really close to us and very convenient to leave him with Maddie.

This week was his first time at Maddie’s. She came to greet George but he wasn’t sure what was happening.IMG_1867As for me, on days when I am not walking with Agnes and Mummy has too many errands to run, she leaves me at The Pet Spa doggy creche.IMG_6578_2 I know all the staff there so I’m not worried but would I rather be with Mummy?IMG_6580_2Yes – even if it means we have to go in the tube and bus and taxis and walk amongst lots of hurried feet.

May’s comment: Building up a network of doggy neighbours/friends for days when we can’t all go about our day together!  A lot easier with George as he’s so playful and gets on really well with other dogs.  It’s not so easy to leave Darcy with another – it’s not so easy to walk two dogs when you only have one.

So in many ways, it’s easier to pawn off Georgie. 🙂  That’s probably one of the reasons Darcy gets to go more places with me.  But thankful to have such a supportive neighbourhood.


  1. Margaret Danks

    Maggie and I would look after you both any time if you were nearer.

  2. Annie and Andrew Phillips

    Hi May,
    We are Stanley the Cockerpoo’s mummy and daddy and sadly have not made the Hyde park meet for the last three times. Anyway reading Miss Darcy’s bloc today we just wondered if you, Darcy and George would like to come for Tea as we have a lovely big garden and are next to Bishops park walking through the churchyard ( no roads) and we are always at home so would love to have Darcy and George any time you are busy, we would happily collect them by car and thougt a meet up to see if they are all happy with each othe would be great. Stanley just loves all dogs and would love to have regular friends to play with. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards
    Annie and Andrew ( the obsessed mummy and daddy to Staney)

    • Miss Darcy

      Gosh, Annie and Andrew – that would be wonderful!!! I’ll email you. xxx P.s. We were just thinking about you least weekend wondering where you’ve been!

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