Peeeeeep! Excuse me.

Er, yes?


Yes it was me. Oops, another peeep.
IMG_5193 At least it wasn’t smelly, like Georgie’s.IMG_5194May’s comment:  It’s not a topic to boast about – but it sure made me laugh out loud!

Darcy was sitting by my desk and was looking at me when she went “peeeeeeep” – I thought I had misheard it and then there was a second shorter “peeeep”.

I burst out laughing and she looked at me with those sad eyes looking as if I had hurt her feelings by laughing.

I didn’t think you can hear dogs fart but I promise you it couldn’t have been anything else.  And she looked so guilty! 🙂

At least it’s a not a smelly one.

Must say it was a very ladylike one. LOL!

Sorry, Darcy – laughing at your expense.  Well at least we can say this blog is not always about deep, thoughtful things – but seriously all things dog! 🙂



  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Gracie peeps too but we say it’s her tail barking…she always looks over her shoulder to see where the noise comes from. .x

  2. Margaret Danks

    It was a ladylike botty burp! Maggie always looks so surprised when she does them.

  3. Pat Kilner

    must have been all those quail eggs!

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