Has it been four years?

I walked into Mummy’s life four years ago today.

We’ve been an item since then. 🙂

On that day in the room, I also met Little Tyke. He was about my size.  The difference was that I could walk and he couldn’t.  Maybe it’s because I had four legs which helps balancing a bit easier than his two.DSC01787-1024x790And he showed me how to chew leads!Darcy-n-SashaNow that’s where I learnt it from.
DSC01772Happy Anniversary, Mummy.  May our adventures continue …

May’s comment: It seems like only yesteryear when little Miss Darcy walked through my front door and the sniffer got to work – to every corner of the flat – me casting a worrying eye as to when she would mark her territory. And only after she did was I more relaxed with her presence.

Since then we’ve grown to know each other. Difficult start for the human and probably bewildering for the pooch.  But we got to know each other and after a short while, she became a part of me.
1385495_10152579461883495_5530210662346792871_n-2All this was due to foolish me wanting to make someone else happy. Thank you Universe that you took the “silly” decision I made and turned it into such a positive new beginning.

Happily ever after!  This was the Trio today four years ago …DSC01795-816x1024-2and the Trio last yearIMG_5193And looking forward to our next chapter this summer.



  1. Margaret Danks

    Happy gotcha day Miss Darcy. You came into mummys life on my mums birthday. She too was a lovely insperational lady and I miss her everyday. Take care of your mummy, she is a special lady.

  2. Bev

    Beautiful words Margaret x

  3. Daniel Morgan Hall

    Who is the young boy?

    • Miss Darcy

      We call him Little Tyke, my godson who loves in Thailand but is back once a year to England. He and Darcy came into my life the same week. He’s featured in many of our postings but he hasn’t been here for more than year – but he’ll be back this summer as we resume our adventures together!

  4. Daniel Morgan Hall

    Thanks. The boy and Miss Darcy look like they really like each other. I didn’t see photos of Little Tyke before since I just recently started getting your posts. Sounds interesting and real challenging to deal with a young boy and two dogs at the same time.

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