Peggy is so international!

We love Peggy Porschen and we love sharing it with our friends – from all over the world!

In the past, we’ve brought Canadians, Australians, Germans and now Americans to not only have a cup of tea but also to have a red velvet cupcake!!!Well, in this case, it was a cappucino – already with a Christmas reindeer on it!

Yesterday we were back there waiting eagerly to meet some blog friends …Teresa and JeanneJeanne’s from Miami And Teresa’s from New York. And you can tell – someone got all the hugs.

But George, was an opportunist.  He spotted something edible on the Christmas decorationsAnd would have taken a chunk out of it if not stopped! 🙂In the end I got some cuddles too when they realised I didn’t mind being held. 🙂Teresa and Jeanne brought us a bag full of goodies. I could smell them even with all the pretty packaging.Mummy, stop taking photos of the bag and let’s see what’s inside!Yay! Buddy Biscuits! Those are our bedtime biscuits! Now we’re ok for another couple of months!Thank you Teresa and Jeanne! Maybe someday Brinkley will come on the Queen Mary and we will get to meet him. And we think it would be super fun if Ellis came too!

May’s comment: Peggy Porschen – one of the delights of the London scene (and Instagram sensation) has been such a fab place to meet up friends for a tete-a-tete.

Teresa and Jeanne know us from our blogs and since they come every year to London, they asked if we could meet up – they wanted cuddles from the pups!  This picture says it all! And I had Jaffa on my lap.

Peggy Porschen staff are all amazingly dog friendly too.

Our dogs unite humans! And it has been such a joy and a priviledge to have met quite a few of our blog readers!


  1. Helen

    Sadly, I don’t think they’re dog friendly anymore as we have just been turned away.

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