Poppy wearing season

Today is the start of poppy wearing time of the year. In the past, Mummy used to pin the poppies on our coats.IMG_1408-580x776

Or on our collarsIMG_7632But they always fell off. So this year she decided to get us poppy dog tags!!!  Well, a brooch for Mummy …IMG_4575a big tag for me and a little one for GeorgieIMG_4579Look, Georgie’s so proud to be wearing one, he’s showing it off!IMG_4587Why are we wearing these red poppies, you may ask.

Well, more than 100 years ago, the First World War began. Much of the fighting took place in Western Europe. Where once was beautiful countryside much of the land was bombed and fought over again and again. They became fields of mud and horror – they were bleak and barren – little or nothing could grow.

But out of this desolate scene of chaos and destruction, little bright red Flanders poppies flourished – by the thousands.

Though some people think the red flowers stood for the bloodshed. On the contrary, the red poppies represents new life.   They were the only things that grew after the complete devastation. They were delicate flowers yet resilient.  And they grew by the thousands on the battlefields of Belgium and Northern France.

That’s why we wear the poppy flower at this time of the year till the 11 November – in the memory of the fallen and for the future of the living.

May’s comment:   The Royal British Legion poppy helps us provide thousands of modern veterans, Service men, women and their families with vital advice and support. This includes supporting bereaved families coping with the loss of a loved one, men and women who leave the Forces and need assistance to find work and housing, and older veterans that require care and help.

The Royal British Legion’s vital welfare work is entirely dependent on your support – so please give generously and wear your poppy with pride, knowing that your donation helps the entire Armed Forces community.”

Click here to donate towards the British Legion or buy a poppy dog tag for your dog! Poppies for Pets


  1. Zena

    Thank you for your poppy blog, it made me aware of products the RBL sell, needless to say two poppy dog tags have just been ordered for my two poo and a rather gorgeous sparkly brooch for myself! ?

  2. Lin

    What size poppy have you got for Darcy and George please? X

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