Poutine NOT Putin

Mum was told she had to try this national Canadian dish – Poutine.

But she kept hearing “Putin” and was really feeling sick having to eat that.

We managed to find a restaurant that would let me in – and our friend, Peg pointed it out on the menu.

Poutine – French Fries served with gravy and cheese lard

It sure looks like a lot of food, Mum. Are you sure you can finish all that?

Mum’s verdict – whoa! That was HUGE – and not used to eating French Fries in mouthfuls.

We didn’t have much luck with restaurants – they have a very strict rule in Quebec. Even though the restaurants are listed as dog-friendly, it means they allow dogs in the outdoor seating area and in some cases – on the other side of the barrier. It was too early in the season to have outdoor seating.

But we got lucky again – and today we found Burgundy Lion – and believe it or not an English Pub which had an interior patio.

Crikey Mum – that’s a lot of French Toast.

There were lots of pictures of England, the Queen and even one from our neighbourhood – LOL.

The people were nice though – they said they were sorry I couldn’t go in.

May’s comment: There are a lot of dogs in Montreal – saw a few doodles but not as many as in NYC and LA.

Checking out each other.

There was even a dog park near our hotel.

Darcy even had a dash around with this little pooch. I think we went into the big dog park. Oops

We could go into shops, but the restaurant health and safety rules are really tight. They absolutely refuse entry inside. When they are listed dog-friendly, it meant dogs are allowed on the patio. So not much luck with dining at any of the nicer restaurants.

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