It’s Dog Mum’s Day!

To all the lovely Dog Mums I have ever met – Happy International Dog Mums Day!

And to my favourite hooman – I woof you so much!

For sharing your life with me.

And while George is not with us, we borrowed Bennett.

With Bennett at Fred Segal.

May’s comment: I never knew I would celebrate this day and be so proud to be a dog’s mum to Darcy

Thank you Darcy for making me do things I would never dreamed of.

and George.

Thank you George for teaching me to love in ways I didn’t know how.

They have definitely changed my perspective on a lot of things and through them I have met some amazing dog mums all over the world – united through the love of our dogs. Here are just a few …

Ruby with Bella and Chelsea with Isla
Karen with Smush
Sylvia – mum to Miami Malteses, giving me a hug.
Bennett’s mum – Melanie
And to Peg, who was once a dog’s mum and will be again – taking the time to come see us from Ottawa – because she loves dogs.

These are but just a small handful of all the dog mums I have met from around the world. Otherwise this blog post would go on forever.

National Dog Mum’s Day became official in 2018 – celebrated on the 2nd Saturday of May – a day before International Mother’s Day. The petition was started by – a dating app for dog lovers.


  1. Christina

    Happy Mum’s Day from another fur mom. Christina and her three cavaliers Montgomery, William and Harry.

  2. Cheryl

    Happy Dog Mum’s Day!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your birthday adventures, thank you for posting them!??

  3. Melanie Firestone

    You are the best of Doggie Moms,
    May. You made that trip look like a breeze and we all got to share our love for our furries kids with you and others all over the world. That was a lovely gift. Thank you for making us a part of it.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Darcy and sweet convalescing George.
    ???? Bennet and his Mom.

  4. Valerie

    Oh May and Darcy, I have enjoyed your celebration so much! Thanks for sharing with us! Valerie

  5. Happy dog mum’s day! Hope you’re having an amazing time May and the pups!

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