Mummy was a little relaxed yesterday – and see what happened!

It’s almost Spring, Mummy thought. The sun’s out and it’s not raining. And we went for a walk in Primrose Hill without our Equafleeces.

So off we went – Stanley, Jaffa, George and myself – for a run around
IMG_2935We raced up the hillIMG_2933Zig-zagging along the wayIMG_2934Distracted by some smells that took us off the path
IMG_2936And having to stop and confer what it might be.IMG_2932Once up there, we had no time for the view – we chased each other, causing a lot of commotion while admirers of the view were interrupted in their ponderings about LondonIMG_2937And we racedIMG_2940And chased each other down the hillIMG_2947Once down the hill, we met a labradoodle, Lokie and a cockapoo, Alfie IMG_2948Whoopee! More dogs to run around with.IMG_2949

With all that running, we were a little thirsty
IMG_2952And Jaffa came running back with different coloured legsIMG_2953And so did I.IMG_2955What Mummy didn’t realise was that the water drained all the way down to the flatter areas. So even though it has not rained the last few days, the park was water-logged in some areas.IMG_2957Sixteen muddy paws!
IMG_2958Four muddy ears because George’s were too short and Stanley did not run into the muddy puddles. Three muddy bellies and three muddy snouts.

Well, I guess we all looked a little muddy as we sat outside The Cowshed when the humans had something to eat and drink while we sat shivering.  IMG_2960We were bushed when we got in the car.IMG_2963Stanley was so tired he had to rest his head on his daddy’s arm while he was driving.IMG_2965

May’s comment: A little too hopeful about the weather. Well, the weather was beautiful but the days of rain meant most of the parks are still wet and muddy. This is not an Equafleece endorsement but boy! did we miss them today. Four muddy dogs. Sent mine off to the groomers for a wash-n-fluff – couldn’t deal washing them AGAIN!!!! This time it wasn’t just muddy paws.

Primrose Hill is 78.1 metres (256 ft) above sea level. Primrose Hill is a neighbourhood located on the northern side of Regent’s Park in London. The hill summit, also called Primrose Hill is 78.1 metres (256ft) above sea level. The top of the hill is one of the six protected viewpoints of London.  The trees in the park are kept low so as not to obscure the view from the top – of central London, Hampstead and Belsize North.

At the summit there’s a York stone edging with a William Blake inscription – “I have conversed with the spiritual sun. I saw him on Primrose Hill.” IMG_2937


  1. Rowena

    One of our favourite spots, we too have been caught out by the water logged spots May! ?

  2. Tina

    Lovely day out. I must get my three out more …mind you they are not as good as yours !

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