Process of Elimination

We arrived at Crufts with one main goal – who would claim George as part of their breed!

Not that it mattered but here’s an opportunity to meet every possible acknowledged breed and ask what they thought.

First stop – mini schnauzer.  Here’s mini schnauzer checking out George …IMG_7117But the humans had final say. The ones at the Discover Dogs booth were really helpful – they held George’s muzzle and said he didn’t have the broadness of a schnauzer. Hmmm, ok.  But then again they said – it’s all in how he’s mixed. Good point.

We went to the toy poodles next and they took one look at George and said – er, maybe.   OK, no one is interested in our game.

The next obvious one we thought was Yorksire Terrier.  Really?
IMG_7130They didn’t think so but we have met two Yorkshire Terrriers in London who were almost identical to George except for colouring.

Anyway, we walked on – all day long we met lots and lots of people who stopped us to ask what George is – and we took a vote.  IMG_7122 IMG_7127 IMG_7104 IMG_7136 IMG_7152 IMG_7158 IMG_7180 IMG_7184 IMG_7185IMG_7204

Our vote – a bit of this, a bit of that and we have a new breed – CUTENESS!!!

Yay Georgie, we’ve decided we don’t really care what your DNA is – you’re just super cute and you shall remain as that!

May’s comment: It doesn’t matter really what he is but one thing we know for sure, he wins hearts.


  1. Margaret Danks

    Cuteness overload when MissD and Georgie are about.

  2. Mandy Marples

    Hi May. Thanks for sharing George with us yesterday. Quite simply the cutest dog of the day. That’s me and my family in the top 2 pictures. We’ve started a search on Hungary Hearts!

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Mandy! Good luck with Hungary Hearts! Maybe we will see you all again when you are all proud owners of a Hungary Hearts Rescue.

  3. Karen henderson

    Georgie porgi, look at you with all the ladies, your poor little sister didnt get a look in. You truly are super duper cute and i cannot wait to meet you and hopefully very very soon. Did you all have fun ? Did you get spoilt rotten with new toys and goodies kids ? I bet mummy spent tons on you both. Sending licks, kisses and cuddles from lilly, murphy, holly and lizzy the cat too. Ps; big cuddles from aunty karen too, especially Darcy cos i think dinky george had more then his fare share !!!!!! Love you all xxxxxxx

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