Changed lives

Mummy met Nada at our Hyde Park Cockapoo meets.  They knew they had a couple of things in common – they’re both Londoners crazy about their cockapoos.  But what they didn’t know is that Bella and I changed their lives.

Before I became a part of her life, Mummy did not know much about us dogs and was always a bit nervous around them.  She did not get the whole thing about us being “man’s best friend”.  Along came I … and today, she prefers dining, travelling, doing everything she can with me and then also George.  She even insists we sleep on her bed. Today, she spends a lot of time pushing for our rights to exist in her daily life – as in travel, dining, shopping, etc, etc.

Nada’s fear of dogs was a bit more intense. She was terrified of them.  For twenty years she managed to put off her children’s plea to have a dog.  She finally gave in or at least to take control of the situation.  She would decide what kind of dog they were getting.  Along came Bella. IMG_6999Nada wasn’t in the least comfortable with Bella to begin with but when her daughters went off to school, she had no choice but to deal with the task of walking and feeding the dog. When Bella was about five months old, she became very ill. It was then that Nada began to realise how much she had begun to care for this furry member of her family.

Can you believe that five years on, she is holding four of Bella’s babies?  And Bella is very much Nada’s dog.IMG_6988And Mummy – these days she’s all about doggies!!!

She went to see Bella’s puppies two weeks ago.  Yesterday she took time off from me and George to see them again – before they all leave to go to their respective new homes. IMG_6946This is BabyIMG_6947 This is RioIMG_6953 This is LolaIMG_6957 This is PipIMG_6961 Who gave Mummy lots of kisses.IMG_6965 This is AlfieIMG_6978 And finally this is Otto.IMG_6980

One cuter than the next. But only a few years ago, both Mummy and Nada would never have thought that they could each spend an afternoon totally mesmerised by six little puppies – holding them and giving cuddles.  Some things do change.

5a62540bd50ebdbb4e95a88b4073d2e7May’s comment: All for the better!


  1. Judith Vogel

    What beautiful stories……!
    The puppies are so precious.
    Bravo double!
    It’s especially difficult to over come slight fear and feeling hesitatence being around dogs.
    You’ve more than succeeded!
    When growing up our family always had a dog. I loved the dog but saw how much work it entailed, all falling on my mother. Consequently I was NEVER going to have a dog when I grew up.
    Ha Ha!
    How about those gorgeous puppies?!
    May are you bringing cut out George?

  2. Karen henderson

    What a beautiful story and how lucky all the pooches are that have entered two lovely ladies lives and have enriched them. You rock ladies.
    May my darling, how did you come away without stealing a baby, i am so fur baby broody it is untrue at the moment !!! Lots of love girls and well done to you both. xxxx

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