Ready to go!

Been to the vet to be checked up before leaving for Dusseldorf and then Malta.  I’ve got my passport and my certificate to travel.IMG_4081I like visiting the vet. I know they are nice people and they always help make me feel better. But the best thing about them – whatever they do to me, I get a treat after that.

You called?IMG_4094 I’m here!IMG_4095

Weighing in at 9.50kg IMG_4099 I am well under the requirement to fly Air Malta (10kg is the limit)IMG_4100

My “treat” today was Milbemax – think I got cheated this time.IMG_4102I’ve also been to the groomers … IMG_3806I was looking a  bit … IMG_3802Shaggy? Ruffled?IMG_3808Mummy thought that if I got a shorter cut I will look smaller – so when we are getting on the plane – no one would query my weight.

We’re all set and ready for our next adventure.

May’s comment: I can only take one of them as I can only fly with one in cabin. And as George is the easier one to leave behind, I guess it’s Darcy who gets to go. 🙁

Wish I can take them both …

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