“Glo Suit” trial run

Hey look! There’s a human with the same “glo suit” as George! LOL!!!

Mummy wanted to see how effective George’s glow suit is. It was so bright, it reflected the sun! 🙂IMG_4010Yes, he was visible from afar.IMG_4009 A lot of doggies came by to check out George’s Equafleece.IMG_4003 Yup! It’s for real. He’s a “glo-in-the-dark” dog!IMG_4028 No, he’s not a lightning bug …IMG_4022We met Harvey and he too was wondering who is this little dinky-dink in the bright yellow jersey. I couldn’t tell Harvey we’re not related.
IMG_4017_2 They started to play …IMG_4020_2We can even see he’s running behind Harvey!IMG_4019_2And then he started to wander further.IMG_4031 And oops! there he goes! Rolling in the fox poo again!IMG_4026And soon after that, the old George came out again. He ran into the fenced off area by the Serpentine lake and OMG!!!  Mummy was really worried that he might jump into the water chasing after the ducks and other “swimming” birds. There were no pictures taken at that point because Mummy left me behind whilst she ran after George – fearing the worst!  But alas, the little luminescent dog appeared amongst the bushes and Mummy pulled him out.  It’s funny how he knows to go in but he hesitates emerging from behind the fence.

Mummy was relieved he came back. I think we’re getting the picture that he does return. I used to do that when I was little and Mummy used to run after me. Today I reminded Mummy today that I can still be up to no good. 🙂

Whenever we walk past the Diana Memorial Park, where dogs are not allowed, I am always tempted to go in – especially since they leave the gate wide open.  There are squirrels in there and when not there are always birds, geese and ducks in there.  I always look at them and then look at Mummy when she will always say – No, Darcy!
IMG_4042But today, I just had to do it!  I ran in, chased all the birds away …IMG_4034 And came running out again before any park wardens could tell me off!IMG_4035Hee! Hee! That was fun!
IMG_4043By this time George was back on the lead – especially since we’re nearing so much “temptation”IMG_4044 Sure enough, some swan was throwing a hissy-fit at George, and I joined in to talk back at the swan. He wasn’t very nice at all.IMG_4040Hmmm. Very well then. We’ll leave you in the cold, cold water of the lake. And we’re going home for our nice warm bath because George stinks of poo and my fluffy feet are muddy black.IMG_4047May’s comment: Well, the Equafleece did the job of visibility in all sense of the word – kept George visible when he was amongst the bushes and all the fox poo on him!

I saw a cockapoo with a fuchsia fleece but couldn’t get myself to put George in pink. But bright yellow – let’s think Tour de France!

We definitely got a lot of attention – the smiles on people’s faces was worth the embarrassment!

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