Marley transformed

In April 2015, almost three years ago, Mummy went to the Battersea Dogs & Cats home with her friend Afdera to meet a little guy called –

Marley John. He was a yorkie-bichonfrise-shih-tzu and, and, and – that’s what they think. Basically, a complete mixed breed. He was handed in at Battersea Dogs & Cats home – We don’t really know why – but he sure had the biggest bulging eyes and the longest tongue ever!He loved licking everyone, and a bit of a sex-maniac!  He was humping George!!!  He was not neutered and was high-strung.

But he needed a home, and after getting reassurance from Mummy, Afdera took him home.  She had just lost her poodle Harry Harry, and was lonely for another.Mummy became Marley’s godmother but we never saw much of him. He came over one other time.  He had become a lot calmer after his balls were chopped off!  No more humping George but he is also quite nervous with other dogs. If George said, Boo – he would run. If I growled, he would go hide.

Recently, Mummy met up with Afdera again – and Marley seemed to have doubled in size! We invited Marley to come and stay with us this weekend. But first, we sent him to the spa to get cleaned up and have a proper groom before he came to us.

See how he has changed! He’s still like a white version of George – they’re Yin and Yang!  Marley’s a tad on the chubby side –Who needs an English Bull Dog when Marley looks like Churchill! LOL!

And his fur is more a champagne colour than white! He also has that one funny tooth like George has.Last night, there was Marley lying next to me – here she is almost apricotAnd George on the other side.Mummy feeling ever so happy – watching the Graham Norton show – sandwiched by us.

May’s comment: It’s a convoluted story how I met Afdera, and now we are connected through our dogs. I had only met her when her dog had just been run over. Grieving, her goddaughter, my friend, Manuela (in Milano) introduced us.  Afdera thought the introduction was so she could have George – when it was just to help her think about another dog.  Thankfully, her connections at Battersea got her Marley and George never left us.

At that time, I had thought she shouldn’t have a dog as she is getting on and didn’t think she could take care of him.  She’s also on her own, but what do I know.

Maybe she can’t look after him the way I would but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t. He gets walked every day by a dog walker and she takes him downstairs to the courtyard in the evenings. He goes everywhere with her – which is sweet. But on weekends, she gives him away to her driver who takes him home on Fridays and brings him home Sunday evening. They love him too, but get the feeling that they overfeed him with treats. So I thought I could at least take him one weekend a month – and be the godmother I am supposed to be. 🙂

He’s a different dog today than when we first met him at Battersea. He’s still a little unsure of his place amongst other dogs – and George has done his bit of bullying him. He sits by himself and hesitates during feeding time. Marley needed a home and Afdera gave him one.  She needed Marley – and it goes both ways. He feels safe and loved.

And the least we can do – give him an Equafleece to match ours!!!! LOL!Afdera did ask me if there’s a coat he can have to keep him warm on his walks! And it fitted him perfectly!  We plan on seeing Marley a bit more this year – this is a good January start – once a month, we’ll take him. That’s why I have only two dogs because there’s always room for one more.


  1. Michelle Fagan

    Lovely story ?

  2. Margaret Danks

    I remember so well your blog about Marley, when Afdera wanted Georgie lol. Marley looks like such a sweet little God dog ?❤️

  3. Jackie

    What a loving and caring trio you Darcy and George are. ??

  4. Cheryl

    I’m so glad Marley found his loving, forever home and good friends to always welcome him!

  5. Cheryl and Susie

    Thats so lovely to have Marley for sleep overs monthly, his confidence with Darcy and George can only grow. x

  6. Jane Groothuis

    So nice for all concerned!

    May, I live in US and have done some searching, but cannot find equifleeces like the ones your dogs wear. I would love to have them for my two. What is the brand and do you know where I can buy them?

    • Miss Darcy

      Equafleeces – it’s a UK brand and they ship abroad. So popular that they are out of stock! They will have new ones at the end of the month.

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