Dar-naby’s date at the movies

Me and Barnaby went to the movies at Picture house Central to see the new Pixar movie – Coco.

And then there were the boys – George and Marley! LOL!

We were a bit early and waited in the restaurant, talking about the reviews of the movie.It had very good reviews, it seems.

Barnaby, I am so glad to be watching this with you.
We went to our seats – we had to sit on blankets provided for us pooches.Oh hi! We see familiar faces. There’s Crumble and Pebble! We haven’t seen you in a very, very long time. There was an interesting short movie before Coco started – Isle of Dogs George didn’t bark at any of the other dogs this time, Instead he kept wanting Julie to stroke him – and decided to sit on her lap.

We all enjoyed being at the cinema very much …

May’s comment: Watched a Pixar animation – Coco at Picturehouse Central‘s dog friendly screening on a Sunday morning. Really enjoyed the movie and this time there were a lot more humans and dogs.

They have a dog-friendly screening at the cinema ever six weeks. The next dog-friendly screening is on the 18th February at 11.45 – Lady Bird.

It’s fun to be at the movies with your dogs and they behave amazingly well. Once the lights go down, they all seem to settle and snooze through the movie.


  1. Sandie

    This made me giggle.

    The dogs are so well behaved.

  2. Kathy Shoulders

    Such good babies! I love the snuggle with Barnaby and Darcy. I wish it was more dog friendly around here but it isnt

  3. Cheryl

    What a great idea! So glad you all had a good time!

  4. Jill Keiser

    How nice to look forward to a dog screening every six weeks!

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