Remembering a Princess

We were at Kensington Gardens today and saw lots of flags hanging on the Palace Gates. I went to check out what was happening.

IMG_2449 Mummy told me that today is the anniversary of the death of a Princess. She was killed in an accident 17 years ago. IMG_2450There were people there still remembering her.IMG_2458May’s comment: Has it been 17 years? I remember I was away on a business trip in Hong Kong when the hotel concierge told me the news that Princess Diana was in a car crash.  It was a Saturday morning there and was glued to the telly watching the news unfold.  Then as I was making my way back to London, I had just landed in New York City on the day of the funeral. Everyone at the airport stood and watched transfixed to the television sets around the airport, watching the live broadcast.



  1. marianne

    hi May, is Miss Darcy a Jandaz baby?! may i ask whos her parents? x thank u

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