Today is Remembrance Day.

Every year we would visit the Animals in War monument to pay our respects for the animals that served and died alongside British Armed Forces in all the wars.

IMG_8043But this year Mummy couldn’t take us. But we are wearing our poppy dog tags to remember the many who served our country. IMG_5268Even George is wearing his for his adopted country.IMG_4587The animals in war have been used as messengers, for detection, scouting and rescue.

In the earlier wars, they have been used as beasts of burdens and in the frontline.

They must have been so frightened but all the chaos and the loud sounds. Today, animals continue to be used detect explosives in the battlefields.

For all those soldiers, humans and animals who gave their lives so we can have freedom, we remember them today.

We shall not grow old as they who are left grow old. Tell them about us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today.”

P.S. And we were very sad that some horrible people were trying to hurt a runaway police horse during a recent riot in London.


  1. I’m very moved by your remembrance of our 4 legged creatures.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences honoring them.
    With love
    Judy, Jim and little Bennie

  2. Angie Wright

    And they do not get paid and are often dumped in the war zone. Humans use these animals for their own convenience. It is dlavery.

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