We found Santa’s Sleigh!!!

The Christmas Lights came on last evening at Duke of York Square. IMG_5241Georgie, look up, not down.IMG_5231Santa had arrived too – he came on his sleigh drawn by reindeer …
IMG_5234But he’s in his grotto and the reindeer were busy entertaining the kids, so we snuck up and sat on his sleigh – IMG_5239I think to make the sleigh move, Santa would say – “You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen. Comet, and Cupid, and Donner and Blitzen … and something about Rudolph

But it didn’t move. 🙁

Are those the names of reindeer? Oh bugger, guess we needed the reindeer after all.

May’s comment: First Christmas lights – already!

Last year we came to find Santa but we got totally drenched. This year, the day was not promising but just  before Santa arrived, the rain stopped. So we went along to see the lights.  We’re going to see Santa another day …

P.S. Guys, you better behave or you’re going to be in Santa’s bad books.IMG_5246


  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Tut tut…miss D’arcy. ..Santander will be taking notes..mind your p’s and q’s !!!xx

  2. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Silly predictive text should have said Santa NOT santander.!!

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