• 1000886_671439046206688_605789416_nWheeee!
  • 994809_671439246206668_1878701544_nHey! You're taking my picture?
  • 999268_671439106206682_117266707_nOver!
  • 971996_671439382873321_1101460581_nAnd again!
  • 934919_671439069540019_506044062_nCome on! See how I jump?
  • 945422_668281856522407_1675465250_nRunning,
  • 421275_668280486522544_1080851082_nrunning,
  • 972129_671439166206676_1045576881_nHey, where did you come from?
  • 969096_668280573189202_615348375_nPlaying with my friends
  • 972280_665433983473861_1633023865_nSniffing around
  • 943790_668280303189229_1751388954_nGoing through fields
  • 6586_670332172984042_824598414_nPlaying in the water

Wheeeee! – Reporting from the House of Mutt

It’s been fun!  Running, swimming, jumping, chasing – wide open fields, lots of friends.What can be better?  With Mummy, I suppose. But I will see her soon. 🙂

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