Reporting on our state of mind …

Look how well-behaved we are at House of Mutt – we’ve learnt to follow the path – like sheep!

May’s comment:  Love that photo!

After one afternoon of keeping to herself, maybe sulking a little or maybe she was unsure, the next morning, she was – “Full of bounce and enthusiasm, great form” – reported Sarah from House of Mutt.10400303_1334469299903656_805871023827430110_n 12871443_1334511176566135_6911300945690667624_nPhoto credit: House of Mutt

As for George, Tiggy and Titus have been “Fighting over who gets to stroke him! Much loved! Poor Jaffa!”IMG_4523And Mummy – I kept thinking about them both on the long, long flights – especially when I was watching The Peanuts Movie on the plane! IMG_4519The good thing about leaving them is coming to see my favourite little person!

P.s. And guess who snuck into my bag – IMPOSTOR!!!!IMG_4512


  1. Alex

    Love the bag May!!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Wish we had a “House of Mutt” in High Point, North Carolina! My dogs would love it!

  3. Margaret Danks

    Maggiedog would never be this close to so many other dogs in a confined space. Such well behaved doggies

  4. Alison Mullett

    Just love the photo of the dogs all running in a line! Synchronised exercise- simply brilliant ?

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