“The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.” – Charles Dickens

Where did Darcy go?

IMG_4173It’s very quiet at home. I sense that something is happening but not sure.IMG_4092But I am getting extra cuddles from Mummy.

We went to bed last night and it was just us two.IMG_4471I woke up and it was just us again.IMG_4473

May’s comment: One by one I let them go. Darcy was off to the House of Mutt yesterday and today I fly, leaving George with Jaffa. IMG_4480Look at that face – he’s saying – now what are you doing?  (P.S. Thank goodness the two of them have been castrated. I could end up being grandma by the time I return. LOL!)

Now I know why I take them everywhere! That funny feeling I have in my heart when I am packing their food and preparing for their departure is rather silly but I am feeling it. The only thing I know is that they will be safe and well loved.

And I will count the days before I am home – in the meantime they will have a blast and probably not think about me. But I look forward to the tail wagging and licking that will greet me when I come back – or that’s what I hope will happen.

So I shall not be sad – for in no time they will get on with their lives – and I shall mine. And I await the greeting when we see each other again – it will be AMAZING!!!!


  1. Jill Keiser

    Oh May! Darcy and George will be in such good hands while you are gone because you have prepared such wonderful holidays for both of them. Try to enjoy your travels because you know they will reward you on your return!

  2. Ruth Tinney

    You know May, it’s almost worth going away knowing the greetings you’ll come back to. And you can relax whilst you’re away knowing both Miss Darcy and sweet George are both safe and well looked after!

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