My friend Benedetta is back visiting from Milano!

I first met Benedetta four years ago when she came to London. She had an inexplicable fear for dogs.  When she sees one even at a distance, she needed to run away, cross the road to avoid them. Yet she was intrigued by me. But she wanted to meet me because I write a blog. LOL! And my goal was to win her over – and I did. In our post, Brava, Benedetta I wrote about how it took days, step-by-step to help her overcome her fear. It took the whole week to ease herself into a comfort zone – and by the end of the week, she managed gather enough courage to sit with me for a photo. And that photo has been in her bedroom since.

This morning we met Benedetta again – four years on and she wasn’t in the least about my excited greeting! I remembered her.See how happy I was – I had a grin on my face! She had never met George before – and now he’s sitting on her lap.

So things can change. Good to know.

May’s comment: From total fear of dogs to being excited to seeing Darcy and to meet George – a big step forward. So proud of Darcy to have managed the situation so well four years ago. She seems to have a knack of knowing when someone is afraid of her and stayed completely calm. This time she was overjoyed to see Benedetta.

And this Italiana asked to have a Full English Breakfast!

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Oh Darcy’s face is priceless! I remember this blog well May. Hasn’t she grown into a beautiful young lady.

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