It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

A couple of nights ago, we went to our first Christmas event …

“Narnia in Chelsea” at Bluebird Chelsea.

There were ladies playing with fire!!!!

We took “shelter” in the cabins for nibbles and gluhwein. 
Since yesterday, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park has opened! The last time we went there was four years ago … and Mum really wanted to go back for this reason –

She was so excited that the reindeer ride still existed. This time she wanted Belinda, the Instagram pro to take the video! But alas! Things have changed and the lady in charge told us sternly – “This is a ride for children – not for dogs!” Mum was so, so sad we couldn’t go on it. After all this time she was hoping to do it again because she had the biggest grin on her face when she last did it.

We thought we would try other rides. But every time we asked, they looked at us, taken aback by our query. 🙁

We were left with nowhere to go …So we left, disappointed and sad. But never mind. There’s a lot more Christmas in London. Let’s go to Bond Street! They have pretty lights there.That’s a very large sculpture!Looks like a nice backdrop. Shall we strike  a pose, Fred?Almost immediately we attracted a crowd.

We obliged for a while. LOL! Thank you

But we have places to go. We saw a cab and ran towards it but alas! It wasn’t taking anyone! It stopped and parked in front of the Chanel Boutique on Bond Street – and then realised it wasn’t a coincidence! It was a Chanel No. 5 Taxi!!!Oh my! What an opportunity for a photo!And so we posed – again.

And like before, the passersby stopped to take our photo!

We really wanted to take photos of the Christmas lights – but we ended up being photographed, stopping traffic!May’s comment: With Thanksgiving behind us, the Christmas lights are on … here we go!!!Regent StreetThis was taken in BristolThere will be lots more!

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  1. Cheryl

    London looks beautiful!

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