Road Trip!

The best adventures are those shared with friends.

This time we’re off to Derbyshire – the intention to visit Chatsworth House and meet Henry.

We arrived in Pilsney and checked into The Devonshire Arms.

Their dog-Friendly rooms are in the Farm House.

Wondering how we will be able to get onto them. Aha! No dogs allowed on soft furnishings.

After checking in, we went for a walk to stretch our legs and check out the scenery.

The Famous Five!

And then there’s George – securely on lead.

Mum wasn’t going to chance it. Can you imagine how delighted George would be to go running.

In the mornings before we headed over for breakfast, we took our morning walk – and we could see the misty landscape from our garden.

The highlight of our trip was of course visiting Chatsworth House

After meeting Henry, we went for a stroll in it’s garden.

How fabulous is that view

So many different landscape objects

Dogs on the rocks

Beautiful Autumn colours

A fuschia fleece to add colour to the landscape

There were sculptures scattered all over …

And dramatic trees

And then we spotted the maze

We sat to debate how we should approach the maze …

Come on guys, let’s give it a go!

NOT! We might get lost! And we must get back for supper.

There’s a lovely sound of water cascading down this man made waterfall –

Each step is of a different height so it makes different sounds of water falling down onto the next step.

This is the view of the water steps from the top.

As we left Chatsworth, there were some deer having a walk across our path. What a nice way to say goodbye.

Back at Devonshire Arms, we all got dressed up in our bandanas –

as we were celebrating Lisa’s birthday –

I recognise those cupcakes!

Everywhere on the Chatsworth estate, all the doors were painted a certain blue. They call that the Chatsworth blue – we had to take a photo with them.

This time we were wearing our Teddy Maximus Liberty bow ties.

You can’t see them well with all our fur – so this is me modelling it.

It has dogs on them.

When we finally left Chatsworth, on our way home, we drove to nearby Bakewell –

In search of the Bakewell Tart! And just when we thought this is it –

We learn this is a Cherry Bakewell tart – not just a Bakewell tart.

All so confusing that I needed to think about it.

May’s comment: I brought Darcy to Chatsworth back in 2014 to meet Lottie.

Those were days when she was still on a leash when we went to new places. LOL!

We had fond memories and I have been wanting to come back to revisit for many years. Finally, this time we came with friends. And it was so much better sharing the memories together.

These are friends we have met through our dogs and had many adventures together. We’ve taken trips together but this is the first time the Squad were altogether.

The Squad: Belinda with Freddie, Me with Darcy and George, Lisa with Mac and Maisy and Julie with Barnaby

The dogs wore their bandanas and the humans wore Boden sweaters – and someone said they forgot a word – CRAZY! LOL!


  1. Cheryl

    How fun! Your pictures are beautiful.


    You certainly take some ‘Grand’ photos May. I notice George had an orange coat, and a blue coat, also Miss Darcy, think it may have been her Cloud 7 coat, and of course the lovely Fuschia coat, their Wardrobe Mistress would have been busy, along with Bandanas and those fabulous Teddy Maximus Bow Ties. I must buy my ‘God Dogs’ these ties for Christmas. The Famous Five are so amazing, I was wondering if they had all been to Drama School, R.A.D.A. or L.A.M.D.A. they are brilliant. Shame you can’t let George for a run, maybe someone hid behind the rock to secure his lead in case he decided to run, also he was probably thinking of swimming for it down the Waterfall. I think Miss Darcy looked a bit worried with The Cherry Bakewell Tart on her head, in case William Tell appears one day. I love those tarts, (too much), but they make my clothes a smaller fit. Thank you for a lovely post, cheerio for now. xxx

    • Miss Darcy

      Thank you for your constant connection with us. We so appreciate your comments and letting us know what you think. Darcy and George were also wearing our own coats. Watch this space.

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